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Meeting Minutes - October 12, 2011
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Speaker: Ms. Janice Newton, Program Director for MUSC Wellness Center:  Many students get to the end of their programs before even learning about the programs we offer.  When I first started, students barely used the services.  We have spent time building the program with classes, equipment, hours, etc.  Our primary mission is to add to student life.  If you have suggestions, come to me or the director, Bobby.  There are also suggestion boxes.  Try to make time to exercise because this will make a huge difference for you!  Any time there are fees involved with services, there is a discount for students (TRX, bootcamp, etc.)  We used to have small-group personal training sessions for 20 minutes, which we now do on-request.  Jenny Brooks is the director of personal training, and she will work with you on your workouts and make this a reasonable cost.  Explore the website for contact information.  We offer TRX, bootcamp with the Marines, HITS at 6 a.m. for crossfit training, Fit Camp for ladies with nutrition and workouts, swimming, Healthy Charleston Challenge for weight loss, running programs.   We want to work with you because we know that fitness is hard when you are a student.    We also have group exercise classes that are free for students:  yoga, Zumba, Tae-Bo, ballet, all of which are one-hour classes.  The schedules are online and around the Center.  We have the Wellness Center run on November 19th, which is a 2-mile run and you can sign-up online or around the Wellness Center.  There are also work-study positions available.  All of the staff have Exercise Science degrees, so use them to learn how to use equipment.  This building was actually built for the students!  Direct questions to me or Bobby Shaw.  The hours of the Center will probably not change anytime soon (open til 10 Monday-Thursday).

President:  Carol Brown
Old Business

Reading of September 28th minutes:  approved

New Business

Dinner at the Greenbergs’:  Wednesday, 11/2 at 6:30-9ish– sign up to attend!  Please come if you sign up!  Last year we had perfect attendance.  Business attire, and an email will be sent out with directions and more details around the next meeting.  The entrée is generally fish, or there is a vegetarian option.

SC Graduate Student Health Insurance Summit at USC:  Tuesday, 10/18 at 6 pm via Adobe Connect + broadcasting at MUSC in BSB302.  The owners of Pearce and Pearce will be there, and unfortunately few other providers will be there because of lack of interest in student insurance.  Dr. Beck is the director of student health at USC, and she will discuss the insurance bid process.  Julie Reese from our campus will be in attendance.  You can view this at home and you will be able to email questions during the broadcast.  The link will be publicized via Student Broadcast early next week and Meg will send you the link as well.

MUSC National Primary Care Week in January:  MUSC has events in January, and we need representatives for the planning committee.  We need at least one person, and last year we had a rep from each college.  You will help plan the seminars for the week.
Meet once in October, then communicate via email

Commencement speaker suggestions

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Sumeen Maur (CDM), Daniel Odongo (MSAB Rep)

Program Vice President
Erin Pardue 
Old Business

Alcohol Awareness Seminar Series evaluation:  this was new this year.  We provided lunches, but this was still not well-attended.  We budgeted $2000 for this event.  Please provide honest feedback about whether this is something we need, how to improve attendance, if the money would be better spent on other activities. class="apple-style-span"

Art Walk Evaluation:  This was a great event!  We did not run out of food or wine, and this was well-attended.  There was a comment about drinking while you are doing your worker requirements.  Please remember you are not allowed to drink while you are actually working at the event.  Remember you are reflecting the SGA and the entire student body. class="apple-style-span"

New Business

MUSC Improv Comedy Night at Theatre 99, 10/13, performance by Theatre 99 Improv Company
Reception at 7:00pm and showtime at 8:00pm
One drink ticket and appetizers provided, cash bar 
Please arrive before showtime; doors will close at 8:00pm!
Tickets $5 for students, $10 for non-students (2 per MUSC ID) 
280 Meeting St. #B (Located behind the Bicycle Shop)

Volunteers to sign up to sell tickets in the horseshoe

MUSC GAMEDAY! Saturday, 11/5, 3:30 – 7:00pm at the Charleston Maritime Center with a tailgating theme.  There will be a DJ, BBQ, beer, games on the field next to the venue, and TVs so the games can be watched.
Tickets $10 in Student Programs (2 per student ID)
We are using the money from the Back to School party.

Worker spots:  I have a printed copy for you to review.  Everyone needs to work 3 worker spots, and if you did not attend the SGA retreat, you do need to work an extra event.  We have several events coming up, so be sure to sign up early because the exam breaks have limited worker spot availability.  Tice (COM Rep) is the only rep with complete worker spots!

Service events are separate from programs events!  The events on clipboards are service.  Generally if you don’t complete your worker spots, you will not be able to get Winetasting tickets early, and second offense is a letter to your dean.

Academic Vice President
:  Brandon Hagan
New Business

Library/Learning Commons update:  Meg is sending you an email with updates from Mr. Bob Poyer.  Forward this along to your classes and also tell them about these updates!

Library Survey:  Complete by Friday, October 14 for chance to win $25 iTunes gift card or $25 gift card for local restaurant; survey was sent out by Meg and there was also a link in the Broadcast email.  They want information about what you want and need in the library.
Dr. Mauldin is working with students from the Art Institute of Charleston to put up art in the library, especially on the 3rd floor.  These students will be here on Tuesday, October 18th at noon, and she would like MUSC students to meet with them; lunch will be provided.  (James Atkison (CGS Rep), Danny Vo (CDM Rep), Holly Berry (COP Rep), Brandon Gates (CON Rep), Sumeen Maur (CDM Rep), Kayla Hill (CGS Rep)).

Academic Committee Meeting

Treasurer:  Irfan Rhemtulla (COM Rep), sub for Kate Hicks
Old Business

Expense Reports

New Business

Blood Drive, Thursday 10/13, noon-5 pm in gym AND 10/18-10/20, 10 am-4 pm at fixed site:  Liz sent an email about this.  The winning college will have the donating students entered into a drawing for 4 free Oyster Roast tickets.  We are donating money to the Make a Difference Day rather than donating to individual charities.

Make a Difference Day, Saturday 10/22 – Open to all MUSC students!  You should have received an email from Sign-Up Genius to sign up for a specific location.  You can bring additional volunteers to these events.

Sugar Free Fall Festival, Thursday 10/27, 5-8 pm at Harper Student Center:  this is sponsored by Peds Endocrine, and this is a fun event.  More details will come on this. 

Service Committee meeting

Secretary:  Meg Croom
New Business

Website updated:  I emailed you all the link to the SGA website, so please review this!  There was some confusion about Trivia Night, and this did count as a programs event.  The website has been updated to reflect this.
If you did not get the attendance sheet tonight, see me after or I will email you for the information needed for the SGA website.

Communications Committee meeting

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Volleyball Captains’ meeting Tues 10/25 at 5:15 pm in HSC Auditorium

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

Student Programs:  Dorothea Gadsden

University Wide Committees


Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association:  Cody Chiuzan; we are participating in the Sugar Free Fall Festival.  The ISA also has a Fright Night on Sunday at Boone Hall Plantation for $8 for ISA and friends.  This gives you access to the haunted house and hayrides.


Multicultural Student Advisory Board



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