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Meeting Minutes - September 28, 2011
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 Speakers: These are our contacts for the library and Learning Commons.
Dr. Mary Mauldin, Director for Center for Academic and Research Computing:  I am in charge of the Learning Commons Initiative, and we look for opportunities to make the library comfortable and a good place to study, while also providing resources.  The third floor is being renovated, so there is a lot of open space.  We recycled 100 tons of old journals, and the bookshelves have been removed.  New study rooms have been added, new carpet was placed, and we have ordered new furniture to be delivered in November.  We will work around your exams so your studying is not interrupted.  On Wednesdays we have free coffee and snacks from 2-4 p.m.  We also put in a coffee service on the first floor after a request for better coffee.  There is a sign advertising this and displaying the fees.  We want to hear from you, and we try to have focus groups of students to discuss student needs.  We are both located on the 4th floor of the library.

Mr. Bob Poyer, Assistant Director for Public Services and Education:  We have ordered two flat-screen TVs for the third floor of the library so you can plug in laptops for group study onto a 60” screen.  We are also looking for technology grants that will help in studying and instruction.  The iPads were very popular, and we are looking into getting more of these to check out.  If you see a technology that would be helpful for the students, let us know so we can try to get grant money and try these devices.  New computers will be added to the third floor.  Get your GoPrint cards from the colleges!  We also added MDConsult with 50 databases.  An email will be sent out about this.  One of my primary responsibilities is the students, and my job is to help you.

President:  Carol Brown
Old Business

Reading of September 14th minutes:  Approved
Retreat evaluations:  Let us know if you liked doing the Heart Walk, suggestions for upcoming years.
Trivia winners:  The Welfare Committee won, followed by the Communications Committee.

New Business

SC Graduate Student Health Insurance Summit at USC:  Tuesday, 10/18 at 6 pm via Adobe Connect.  The SC Universities are going to meet to discuss out current plan as well as future plans.  Dr. Beck is the USC Director of Student Health and will be there to answer questions and concerns.  There will be an Adobe Connect link to access this.  I would like to have a room on-campus with Julie Reese so we can ask questions.  All of the state universities are invited to this.  If your classmates participate and have questions, please ask because there are differences between the universities.
MUSC Urban Farm Core Committee:  this will be located close to the Drug Discovery Building.  This is a big university project, and Dr. Greenberg has requested an SGA representative on the committee.   

Suggestions for speakers?
Reps (2) to clean up after meeting
:  Joey Atkison (CON Rep), Nicolas Fedor (CHP Rep)

Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue 
New Business

Last alcohol awareness seminar was today.  I will send out a survey to see your opinions and suggestions.
MUSC Art Walk in the French Quarter, Friday 9/30, 5-8 pm.  Open to MUSC students, employees, and their guests with limited appetizers, desserts, sodas, and wine
No tickets required but bring driver’s license for wine
Map of participating galleries at and Meg will send out an email.
You will receive an email with your contact if you have any problems.  Be aware of downtown parking, especially because there are many 1-hour spots.  There is an East Bay garage and metered spots that are free after 6 p.m.  It is very important to be on time for this event.  Please use your best judgement when distributing stickers, but the students don’t need to bring their student IDs.  Bartenders will check driver’s licenses. The Moja festival is also going on, so plan ahead!
SGA Fall Kayak Tour, Saturday 10/1, 10 am - 2 pm; “Ashley River Historic Fort Dorchester & Rice Plantation Tour.”  Meet at Herbert H. Jessen Boat Landing.
$25 to rent, $20 if you own; sign up in Student Programs Office
Chamber Music Charleston:  1st Thursday of the month performance in the library from noon-12:45 p.m.
MUSC Improv Comedy Night at Theatre 99, 10/13:  Performance by Theatre 99 Improv Company (280 Meeting St. #B ocated behind the Bicycle Shop)
Reception at 7 pm and showtime at 8 pm
Programs Committee meeting

Academic Vice President:  Brandon Hagan
New Business
University Education Infrastructure Committee survey; Meg will send out a link
Takes 2-3 minutes and chance to win restaurant gift certificate
Please complete by 5 pm, Friday, September 30

 Treasurer:  Irfan Rhemtulla, sub for Kate Hicks
Old Business
AHA Heart Walk fundraising:  It’s not too late to donate!
Trivia night

Charity report:  We raised approximately $300 for this event.  This is great for a first try, and we hope to raise more in the future.  Unfortunately MUSC did not win.
Habitat for Humanity evaluations:  We helped paint, build a sidewalk, and build a shed in North Charleston.  This was a great event!  Don’t forget your service requirements of 3 hours per semester!

New Business
Blood Drive, Thursday 10/13, noon-5 pm in gym AND 10/18-10/20, 10 am-4 pm at fixed site
Make a Difference Day, Saturday 10/22:  A medical student found different sites in the community needing help.  There are many different sites, such as gardening, painting, and volunteering with senior citizens.
Budget 2nd read:  deferred to Kevin Smuniewski, Student Programs.  This is also a review of Roberts Rules for you!
Reminder of Roberts Rules from Brandon
This is the fall budget categorized into social events, educational events, service, allocations, etc.  This shows what we have budgeted as well as what was spent on the event last year.  We present this so you know where the money is being spent.  We vote on the bottom dollar amount because the funds may be redistributed.

Secretary:  Meg Croom
New Business

SGA pictures at next meeting
Communications Committee meeting
New reps please see Nadia for SGA folders

 Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski
Volleyball captains meeting Wednesday, 10/26 at 5:15 in HSC Auditorium; the season will continue in the spring

 College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back
:  Liz Sheridan
James E. Clyburn Research Center dedication, Friday 10/21
Need student volunteers 10 am - 1 pm:  serve as tour guides and reception hosts.  Please respond to Susan Masters or log on to MUSC Gives Back.
Relay for Life planning:  Tuesday, October 4th.  Meeting in ECL 109 at 5:15 with Katie Herbert; see Student Broadcast emails for more information.  MUSC donated $55,000 last year.  SGA does have a team.  The event will be April 13-14th.
Blood Drive sign-ups will be released tomorrow (9/29) via email; donate a pint, save 3 lives.  We have a shortage in our area.  We are removing the charities from the College Challenge this year, and the money will be given to the Make a Difference day.  There will be a drawing for Oyster Roast tickets!

Student Programs:   Dr. Willette Burnham, Nadia Mariutto
Charleston Concert Association tickets on sale through 10/14; $43 - $159, series of six shows.  Please let your classes know about this because it is a great deal and a great series!
Alliance for Hispanic Health – Hispanic American Heritage Month in October;  All of the planned events are listed here.
Dinner at Greenbergs’, Wednesday 11/2, 6:30-9 pm:  Please save the date!  We will have a sign-up at the next meeting.  This is just for the SGA and college deans.  You cannot bring a guest.  If you RSVP, please attend.

University Wide Committees
Graduate Studies
Health Professions
International Student Association
:  Matt Tice; when will we ask for graduation speakers?  (We turned in a request before last semester, so we are waiting for a response about this.  We will let you know at the next meeting).
Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  meeting at noon in ECL 115 on Monday, October 3rd.

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