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Meeting Minutes – August 29, 2012


Dr. Laurine Charles – MUSC Behavioral Support and Intervention Team

The purpose of the BSIT is to provide supportive and proactive intervention for MUSC students who are experiencing problems which may affect their safety and/or the safety of others.  This organization began nationwide after the shooting at Virginia Tech.  In this incident, a central repository of information was lacking, making individual observations appear only as isolated events.  MUSC has added the term “Support” to the name of the organization.  We don’t want to be punitive. We want to support students and be able to act quickly and decisively if needed.  The BSIT is a very comprehensive committee with representatives across campus including public safety, risk management, student programs, legal counsel, and representation from each college.  Responsibilities include reviewing behavioral incidents and applying a consistent, systematic, and timely response.  The BSIT will also serve as an advisory committee to the associate Provost and the Deans of the six colleges.  Reasons for referral include:  1) self-injurious behavior/suicidal ideation or attempt 2) erratic behavior that disrupts the mission/normal proceedings of MUSC 3) Worrisome behavior related to alcohol/drug use/abuse 4) red flag behaviors.  In extreme on-campus situations, public safety should be called at 792-4196.  911 should be called if the situation occurs off-campus.  Currently, we do not have an online reporting form active.  You can submit a referral by contacting the BSIT chairperson, Dr. Rheingold, or the BSIT representative from your college. Once a referral is made, a case manager will be assigned and will report to the BSIT Committee.  The BSIT will make recommendations to the respective college Dean and student.  See website:

Question from Phil Sobolesky:  What is the course of action for problematic behavior?

If it is urgent, the psych resident on call will be contacted.  Recommendations will be tailor made for the individual incident and the danger the student represents.  The course of action will vary on a case to case basis.

Bob Poyer and Tom Basler – Assistant Director of Libraries for Public Services and Education

Highlights from the end of the year:

Question from Sara Garrett:  Does the library have any print media?

We have some journals, but most print has been removed.  Because the shelves have also been removed, there is more noise in the library as well as more space for more students so please be respectful of the students around you and keep the noise level down. 

Question from Sara Garrett:  Does this also include PubMED’s Find it at the MUSC Library?


PRESIDENT:  Brandon Hagan

Old Business

Reading of the April 4th minutes:  Approved

New Business

Welcome and Introduction of Executive Officers and respective committees, Advisors, and SGA Representatives

Executive Officers and Committees:


SGA Retreat: Part I of the SGA retreat will be held on Wednesday, September 12th at 5pm in HSC204.  This business portion of the retreat will be held at the normal meeting time.  Committees will be decided at this meeting.  Start thinking about which committee you would like to join!  We will break up into committees and go over the budget in entirety.
Part II of the SGA retreat will be held on Saturday, September 15th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the James Island County Park.  Lunch will be served at noon.  Food orders will be taken at the next SGA meeting.  We will be having a field day with team building games. Wear comfortable shoes and shorts. The retreat is mandatory!

Question from Sara Garrett:  Do we have to pay the $1 admission fee?

No.  We will figure something out.

Women’s History Month Planning Committee:  Women’s History month is in March.  One rep is needed to attend monthly planning meetings from September – March at noon. Sara Garrett volunteered.

Smoking Resolution:  The smoking ban has been passed by the governor on June 7th.  MUSC is officially a smoke-free campus.  We are currently looking for alternative locations for people to smoke.  If you see people or have friends smoking around businesses please tell them to move. 

American Heart Association Event and Walk:  September 29th the day after the Art Walk.  Dr. Greenberg has asked for more people to become involved.  We are hoping for a better turnout this year.  We collected money from the Back to School Party to donate to the AHA.

Budget 1st Read:  Because we do not have a treasurer this year, every executive member and advisor works together on the budget.  Typically, we have a rollover of SGA revenue from previous years, but we do not have that this year, thus we will be tighter on funds this year.  Some major changes include the Winetasting, which has moved to the fall semester.  This explains the large increase in fall expenses.  If you are a group on campus, you can request allocations from the SGA.  An organization can only request allocations for 2 years in a row.  We typically receive more allocations requests in the spring semester rather than the fall semester.  Please take a look at the budget front and back before we approve the budget in 2 weeks. 

Question from Igor Alvarez:  What is a “group” on campus?

Kevin Smuniewski:  Any organization on campus that wants to hold an event that is open to the entire Willette Burnham:  MUSC student body.  Groups are sanctioned organizations recognized by your college or the University.

Question from Stephen Thompson:  Is there a limit for the allocations? 

Each organization can request up to 50% of the total event cost.  If SGA covers over 50%, it becomes an SGA sponsored event.  If you want to create a bill to make a limit, you can motion for a bill. 

Comment from Joey Powell:  Last year the major problem was that some people didn’t realize that the allocations are first come first serve.  Moving forward from here, we can do a better job of notifying groups to get their applications in early. 

Cason Hund:  It’s our responsibility to inform our college

Question from Cane Hoffman:   What are the net expenses based off of?

Kevin Smuniewski:  It is based on what we spent last year. 

Question from Stephen Thompson:  Is the Art Walk a large event?

Yes it has close to 1000 participants.  There is no revenue coming in from this event.  It is free and open to the entire MUSC community.  The expenses for this event include food costs and labor at 14 different locations.

Question from Holly Berry:  Do we spend $4000 in badge clips every year?

Yes.  We provide them at orientation, in each Dean’s office, and the Student Programs office. We order approximately 2500. 

Question from Igor Alvarez:  Earlier you said that a group most host an event open for the entire university for allocations requests—What about the OT Dodgeball event from last year?

OT put this event on for the entire university.

Question from Stephen Thompson:  Did five people ask for allocations last spring? 

Yes, there were a lot of good groups.

Community College Coalition:  this group meets once per month to discuss student alcohol abuse.  They meet at the Citadel Holliday Alumni Center from 3-4pm.  The first meeting will be Thursday, September 13th.  Cacey Black volunteered.

Question from James Atkison:  Are meetings always held at this time? 

Not sure.

Question from Igor Alvarez:  Are meetings every Thursday?

Not sure.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Neal Patel, Andrea Vella-Camilleri


Old Business

Back To School Party Evaluation:  Everyone had a lot of fun at the BTS Party.  We sold 1174 tickets. $1 from each ticket was donated to the AHA Heart Walk.  Please give us your opinion on what you think of the theme, food, drinks, games, and DJ.  Give your opinion on whether you prefer a DJ versus live music.

Question from Jake Shubert:  What is the price difference between a DJ and live band?
The DJ was more expensive at the BTS party because there was a big production involved (light show, photo booth, etc).  This cost us $4800.  Bands are usually $2800-3000.  Really there is not a big difference in cost. 

Rep Worker Requirements:  Each rep is required to work 3 worker spots each semester.  One worker spot is usually 1 h.  Clean-up for our big events counts as 2 worker spots.  Alhambra is mandatory to work.

MUSC Student Activities Fair:  Wednesday, September 5th from 11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.  at the Bioengineering and Drug Discovery Building portico;  There will be a FREE iPad drawing for students and lots of technology vendors.  You can sign up for clubs you want to join.  We will have 16 worker sign-ups to work the Activities Fair.  A sign-up genius email will be sent out to all reps. 

SGA Alcohol Awareness Month:  Every Wednesday in the month of September
September 5:  “Pour Challenge” at the Student Activities Fair
September 12, BSB 402 noon-1pm:  “Alcohol:  Separating Myth from Reality”, and “Beyond Alcohol:  The Abuse of other Drugs among College Students” 
Free lunch to the first 50 students!

MUSC Art Walk:  The MUSC Art Walk is on September 28th from 5pm to 8pm.  All MUSC students, faculty, and staff are invited.  14 galleries are open with free wine and food with MUSC ID.  Worker sign-ups will be coming soon!


New Business

Apple Tree Steering Committee:  This group is involved in educational electronic technology and would like student input.  The meetings are every other month at a time TBD to fit students’ schedules.  Two reps are needed.  Stephen Thompson and Layne Madden volunteered.


New Business

Service Roles and Responsibilities:  Each rep is required to work 3 volunteer hours each semester. 

Service Schedule:  Check in your SGA folder.  The service schedule is also posted on the SGA website.  Plan your fall schedule so you can make all your hours. 

Carolina Youth Development Center Event:  We will be playing kickball and having a picnic at the CYDC on September 22nd from 10am-12pm.  Sign-up for service worker spots.  I will pass along a sign-up sheet.


New Business

Rep responsibilities:  Just a reminder that one of your main responsibilities is to serve as a liaison between your classmates and the SGA.  Please bring any concerns or issues faced by your colleagues to the SGA meetings.  We also depend on the SGA reps to let their classmates know about the activities and events that have been planned and to encourage student participation.  Please pass along these announcements to your classmates.  The minutes from each of the meetings will be posted on the SGA website under the documents tab so feel free to use the minutes or the meeting agendas to send important information along to your classmates.  Also feel free to bring a laptop with you to the SGA meeting so that you don’t forget any information and you can send this information out almost immediately.  I will also be keeping the website updated with your worker spots and service hours so please check this regularly to keep track of your events and let me know if anything needs to be changed.  Currently, the website is up to date with worker spots from the BTS party.

Communication suggestions:  If you have any suggestions on how to better on-campus communication, let me know!  Currently, we are using email, student broadcast messages, and posters to announce upcoming events. 

“Did you know?” on SGA website:  Please let your classes know about this!  Especially first year students!  There are a lot of interesting facts about MUSC and Charleston as a whole.

Question from Brian Harley:  Do we need to do rep reports this year?

No we do not. 

Intramurals - Kevin Smuniewski

Flag football:  Captains’ meeting on August 30th at 5:15 in the HSC Auditorium.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back - Liz Sherdan: 

MUSC Student Activities, Library Services, and Volunteer Fair, 9/5

Check out the MUSC Gives Back website for volunteer opportunities

Student Programs - Dr. Burnham:  Please take your roles seriously.  Reminder, don’t drink alcohol while you are working a worker spot.  Please take a good look at your Oath of Understanding.  Your signature is your bond.  We started rep reports because there was a problem with SGA reps disseminating announcements to their classmates. Please do your job so we do not have to reinstate the rep reports.


Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association – Cody Chiuzan:  We have the largest group of incoming international students this year!


Multicultural Student Advisory Board