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Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2013

Speakers: No speakers

PRESIDENT:  Brandon Hagan

Old Business

Reading of the February 6th minutes:  Approved

New Business

SGA 2013 Election Info:  The elections for SGA officers are coming up in March 28th-29th. Applications are now available.  They are due on February 22nd by 5pm in the Student Programs Office.  Please send an electronic picture to Nancy along with your statement.  Her email is included in the packet.  Feel free to ask us any questions about our position or sit in on an exec meeting. Each officer receives stipend $1500/semester and $2500/semester for president.

MUSC Arboretum:   Student volunteers are needed to plant trees in the area between the College of Dental Medicine. There is more info to come from Jerry Reeves.  Email Brandon if would like more info.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:   Jake Schubert and Thomas Tyner


Old Business

Fat Tuesday Expense Report: The event was cancelled due to inclement weather.  $500 was spent on band that had to be paid in advance.  Other party supplies also purchased will be re-used for other events.  A net total of $875 was spent.  We were $2192 under budget.

New Business

Paddle Boarding/Kayak trip:  Sunday March 24th at Shem Creek. The cost is $20/person (2 tickets per MUSC student ID) and will be limited to 40 participants 

Alhambra:  Saturday, April 13th at the Windjammer.  The theme this year will be Peace, Love, and Alhambra.  


Old Business


New Business

SGA Algorithm Update:
Dental Medicine lose 1 spot, 4 total
College of Graduate studies- stay the same, 4 total
College of Health professions- stay the same, 12 total
College of Medicine – stay the same, 10 total  
College of Nursing- stay the same, 7 total
College of Pharmacy- lose 1 spot,  5 total

Library update:  Extensive list of updates from Bob Poyer, look for email from Kayla


Old Business


New Business

Upcoming Spring Service Hour Opportunities: 

COMMUNICATIONS VICE PRESIDENT:  Holly Berry is substituting for Kayla Hill

Old Business


New Business



College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs:  Please send out the information regarding work study students to your classmates again.  We only had a few responses last time.

Work study students are needed in Student Programs Office.  Students need to be available 10-20 hours a week to work in a fun, interactive environment.  We are looking to hire 3-4 students.  Perks include 2 free admission tickets to events if they work that day and a lenient schedule.  MUSC Gives Back is also looking for 1 student worker as well.  Flyers are posted up around campus.  They don’t include the MUSC Gives Back information but direct any student interest to me and I will get them in contact with Liz Sheridan.  You can contact me for more information at 792-2693.

Cody Chiuzan:  How did the MLK day of service go and was attendance rate as expected?  If not as expected, then why?  

Caroline Hoover: I wasn’t able to attend and Liz is out of town.  Does someone from service want to give a synopsis?

Omici Uwagbai: The event went well.  Attendance was low kids- and parents-wise. The school is pretty and the grounds are nice. The area was fenced in and it looked like a private event. People weren’t sure if they could participate. Meeting St. Academy did advertise to the students of the school and their parents.

Caroline Hoover:  The event was pretty well advertised.  I’m not sure if the event was open to kids of Meeting St Academy or to the whole neighborhood?

Omici Uwagbai:  It was open to the whole community.

Caroline Hoover:  We will definitely talk to Liz when she gets back to get her opinion and suggestions.

Cody Chiuzan:  Can you give a comparison from previous years? SGA was represented but ratio was in favor of the organizers and not well representative of all the colleges.

Chayla Handley:  Participation this year was a lot more compared to last year.

Philip Sobolesky: I went last year and the event is the same weekend as SEWE. Last year participation was low due to limited parking and the location.  This year I thought weather was an issue due to it being cold. It might be bad luck again.

Brandon Hagan: Would a different location or weekend help to increase participation? The event is not actually held on MLK day, it’s usually a week or so after.

Omici Uwagbai:  I think having the event outside is a good idea.  It is difficult to predict the weather but when it was held indoors there was not good attendance. One of the requirement for students to come in was they had to have their parents with them, may be due to a liability. Some kids couldn’t participate because they didn’t have a parent with them and had to go home.

Brandon Hagan: Should we increase the number of schools in attendance? Maybe that would help.

Andy Curtis:  Maybe there would be more participation from MUSC students if we took away the requirement of more than one school per booth. I understand the interprofessional idea, but the event can still be IP with one school working their own booth. Dental students doing oral care seems a better idea than pharmacy and dental doing oral care.

Brandon Hagan: Thank you for your comments and information.  If you have any more comments or concerns please email the executive committee.

MUSC Smoke Free Campus Student Position Available – Kevin Smuniewski: This is a paid university position, not a work study position. You would be working for the Office of Health Promotions-informing others about smoke free initiatives. The pay is $12/hr up to 20 hrs/week, 7am-7-pm  Monday –Friday. The position closes 3/1/13. This is a temporary position until the end of June, short term position in order to evaluate if this is something that will work. Emails have been sent out but, please re-send this information to students.

Brian Harley: Is there a uniform?

Kevin Smuniewski:  There was something brought up about that, maybe a jacket or something, not 100% sure.

Katie Gonzalez: When does the position begin?

Kevin Smuniewski: 3/1/13 is when the smoking ban begins

Katie Gonzalez:  Will they work around student hours?

Kevin Smuniewski:  The max amount of hours is 20 hrs/week

Omici Uwagbai:  What about safety?

Kevin Smuniewski: The student will be more like an ambassador. If someone becomes irate towards the student then the student can immediately contact public safety. These safety concerns were addressed. Dr. Greenburg thinks that since students were involved initially with the ban then they should continue to be at the forefront.

Philip Sobolesky: I have a suggestion that the ambassadors have Nicorette to hand out to smokers.

Lindsay Dangerfield:  Where can students apply for the position?

Kevin Smuniewski:  A link will be sent out to apply through email but students can go through MUSC HR

Cody Chiuzan: Can international students apply?

Kevin Smuniewski: They must be an active MUSC student so international students can apply. Also, responsibilities - HR job description, pretty new, report to Susan Johnson director of Health Promotions. Majority of job will be walking around campus vicinity that is smoke free. Do a couple of loops and inform people about smoking ban. The student will be interviewed for the position by Kevin and Dr. Burnham.

Katherine Shugart: Will there be any additional training for the position?

Kevin Smuniewski: These are all very good questions, not sure that training has been discussed. This information will be relayed. Thank you for your suggestions.

2012 Commencement Speaker – Congresswoman Donna Christensen

Ashekia Pinckney: What is the ticketing for graduation?

9 tickets/ students

Ashekia Pinckney: How do they disperse those tickets?

Caroline Hoover: They come with the graduation packet at the end of March.  There will be an email sent out to everyone to notify students, and allow students to return tickets they won’t need. They can share them amongst themselves or turn them in to be dispersed.

Returning student parking registration – Nancy Lemon:  March 25th-27th register online. We will need 5 or 6 students to test out the parking website and to test out the system. Email for more information and if would like to be a representative to test out the website, you also will be able to register early. The first 6 students who email me will be able to do the test.

University wide Committees

Dental Medicine

Graduate Studies

Health Professions – Chayla Handley:
2/21/13 Anesthesia for Nurses “I heart MUSC” T-shirt sale from 1-5pm in the lobby of the library
2/22/13 Mr. MUSC will be at 7pm at Footlight Theatre.  Tickets are $10 and sold in library lobby  from 12-1.  There will also be a penny war for each school.

International Student Association

Medicine – Layne Madden: Thanks for promoting and attending the Charity Ball! The event sold out.  Next Friday 3/1/13 there will be a fundraiser for the medical trip to Haiti at Mynt, 5:30-11pm.  There will be drink specials, bands playing from MUSC- Alan Sharpe, professor from COM, and Layne’s band will all be playing.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board

Nursing – Toya Williams:  There will be a health fair on 2/23/13 from 9-3pm at Arthur Christopher community center on Fishburne St.  We need help with dental hygiene, education on mediations and registration.  Sign up for 2 hour worker spots: 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, 2 hour spots If interested, email Kelly Corbett-


Igor Alvarez:   4/14/13is the Charleston bed race.  The 4th year the PA program is putting together two 5-person teams.  You build a bed on wheels and race around Hampton Park.  Check out the website at  The cost is $125/team- all proceeds go to camp happy days