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Meeting Minutes – March 27, 2013


Dr. Teresa Kelechi – SC Research Expo:  I am the Associate Dean for research in the CON.  I’m here to do a sales pitch for a large project I am involved in on campus, which includes a Research Expo.  The goal of the large project is to facilitate the development, implementation, and disseminate of research on campus.  I know you all are trying to get through your clinical work and coursework, but we also want you to consider a career in research.  I need your help in getting the word out about our research expo on May 7th.  It will be held from 10:30am-2pm in the horseshoe.  It is similar to a health fair; expect we will be actively recruiting for studies that have to do with patient care.  Study teams will be available for students to talk to and we are hoping that lots of students will come and see what kind of research is going on.  We want you to be aware of what’s going on on this campus and we want your help with recruitment.  Some studies are having a hard time recruiting subjects for various reasons.  We would like you to come by the expo and fill out a form to register for our raffles.  My husband who is a professional at Kiawah is donating 2 round of golf at Kiawah for the raffles.  Spread the word among your peers.  We would love to have a great showing at the event.  I don’t know if some of you have to do research projects over the summer, but this is a great place to find a study where you don’t have to email a lot of folks.  Please stop by the horseshoe and check it out!

Dr. Sean R. Jesinkey – Pharmaceutical Sciences:  I have access to this incredible resource for biomedical and life sciences that include lectures given by experts in various field.  This is important and you guys can benefit from the lectures on here.  I have access for everyone here.  I tried to get our library to get this resource last year, but they didn’t due to budget constraints.  I got a username and password and I want to share it with all students at MUSC.  If you are on clinical rotation and you need to know information on the innate immune system, you can click through each of the slides.  These guys are experts in their fields.  At each slide they have a reference on the bottom of slides.  Not only can you benefit from seeing how an expert in the field creates his presentations, but you can also put the references into PubMed to further your research.  You can print out the PowerPoint and make notes yourself.  Outside of the clinical realm, graduate students can also find things that are very specific to basic sciences.  My question is what is the best way for everyone to have access to this?  Is the best way to send it out through the Student Broadcast emails?

Caroline Hoover:  We can add it as a resource to the library website.

Dr. Jesinkey:  Ok, going to the library is a good idea.  We currently have 2 months of access, but they might extend for us if there is a great interest.

Thomas Tyner:  All COM go through clinical research and when they do they usually sit down with library staff to get assistance, so it would be good to let library and its staff know about this resource.

Dr. Jesinkey:  Okay so it looks like we are going back to the library again as being a good place to start.  This is very beneficial and relevant to all 6 colleges.  The resources are there.  It is a powerful tool for saving time.   

Brandon Hagan:  I would recommend getting in contact with Nancy Lemon for Student Broadcast messages.  The SGA reps can also disperse this information to their respective colleges.

Dr. Jesinkey:  Please go through the information and see if it’s worthwhile.  If you get excited about it, pass it along to your fellow students.  These guys are willing to give a 40% discount for this resource, which will make it about $1200 for the library to put into our budget. 

PRESIDENT:  Brandon Hagan

Old Business

Reading of the March 6th minutes:  Approved

New Business

SGA 2013 Elections:  SGA elections will begin tomorrow, Thursday March 28th from 8am until Friday, March 29th at 5pm.  We have a runoff for President, Academic, and Service VP.  Your Programs VP will be Stephen Thompson and your Communications VP will continue as Kayla Hill.  You can read about the candidates online and vote on Moodle.  Encourage your classmates to vote. 

SGA Allocations Request:  2nd Annual Shots with a Spin

Wade Harrell:  Hi, I am Wade Harrell and I am the President of 2nd year PT students.  We are in the process of planning and organizing the 2nd Annual Shots with a Spin on June 15th.  We are raising money for AWE, Achieving Wheelchair Equality, a program that has been established since 1991.  The goal of this organization is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.  They found that people don’t really know what kind of access is out there.  This event will bring this information to people who need it.  It is central around adaptive sports and recreation.  There will be a lot of vendors that will be bringing the latest and greatest in wheelchairs and accessibility.  We are trying to expand upon last year’s successful event.  This year we want to make this more inter-professional.  We want a lot more participation in other colleges other than CHP.  We want this to be MUSC-wide.  We are expanding our search in the community for those who need this information and don’t have it.  We have a couple of spots left in our bracket for wheelchair basketball teams.  If you want to set up a team let Kristen Long or I know.  We want to double the number of students in attendance, which was 300 last year.  It’s about getting information to people who really need it.

Chayla Handley:  Can you tell us how much it costs, the amount of people per team, etc

Wade Harrell:  The cost is $25 per team.  Each team is made of 5-8 people.  This gets you lunch, a T-shirt for your uniform and access to all events, including the silent auction, vendors, car show, and kids carnival.  If you are not on a team admission is $5.   

Thomas Tyner:  How do you anticipate getting people from other colleges to participate?

Wade Harrell:  First, we want to start right here by spreading the word.  We are also going to have social events around the community.  We are expanding fundraising social events outside of the CHP. 

Kathryn Holt:  What’s the plan to become self-sustaining?  You are asking for over 1/5th of the budget.

Wade Harrell:  We raised admission by $2 this year.  Last year was about getting people in the door and to the building and making it a success.  We didn’t charge for vendors.  This year we are charging the vendors a small fee.  We didn’t charge per team, and this year we are.  Last year’s focus was making the event a success.  This year our goal is to live up to the success and make it sustainable for future years.  We have been working with AWE to get those in need through the door.  We have Pattison’s Academy involved, which is a school with severely disabled kids.  We know we don’t get another shot for allocations so this year it is vitally important.

James Atkison: What is the vendor fee?

Wade Harrell:  It depends on the number of tables.  You can talk to me later.

Brandon Hagan:  We will vote at the next meeting.  We will have a copy of the allocations request on the slide, but please bring your paper copy with you.  Does anyone have any questions or comments regarding this event now?

Jill Hubbuch:  I went last year and the basketball tournament was the best part.  It was hilarious to see them ram into each other and go all out.  It was really fun to go out and watch. 

Kristen Long:  they also have real wheelchair basketball teams that do really cool stuff. 

Chayla Handley:  Last year, they had just one bracket and this year we are having 2 brackets with one for the community and one for MUSC.  The MUSC winner will play against the community winner.

Commencement Flag Bearers Sign Up:  This year’s graduation will be on Friday, May 17th.  A rep from each College is needed to hold the flag in front of their college.  They will need to be at Citadel’s McAlister Fieldhouse by 8am for the ceremony which begins at 9am.  There is also training the day before at 10:30am in the lobby of the field house.  Men are asked to wear suits and women Sunday clothes. 

SGA Final Dinner:  Our final dinner will be on Wednesday, April 24th at Five Four Nine on 549 East Bay Street at 5pm.  Nadia is going to give some more details.  It is in place of a regular meeting. 

Nadia:  This is actually going to be held in the old boathouse on East Bay Street right by the post office. There will be a cash bar happy hour from 5-6pm.  Be there no later than 6pm.  This is an end of year meeting where we will give out awards for SGA reps.  Please let me know the Friday before if your plans change because we have to give the caterer the final count.  Email me or Kayla if you know you won’t be able to come. 

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:   James Atkison and Jake Schubert

Student Welfare Committee meeting


Old Business


New Business

Spring Piano Concert:  Tuesday, April 2nd at 12pm in the ART Atrium.  Bring your lunch and enjoy free music!

Alhambra:  “Peace, Love, and Alhambra”:  Tickets are now on sale in the Student Programs Office!  Tickets are $15 each and 2 per MUSC ID.  The event will be on Saturday, April 13th from noon to 5pm at the Windjammer.  Ticket cost includes 5 hours of beer, non-alcoholic beverages, bands, DJ, food, and limited T-shirts. 

Kayaking/Paddle Boarding Trip:  Sunday, April 21st at Shem Creek. The cost is $20/person (2 tickets per MUSC student ID) and will be limited to 40 participants.

Kathryn Shugart:  Where is the kayak trip?

Danny Vo:  Shem creek

James Atkison:  Is it just paddle boarding?

Kevin Smuniewski:  I just talked to Kayla about it and will figure it out.

Regina Brown:  I didn’t get the signup for Alhambra.

Danny Vo:  I don’t think I have the list updated.  I will send it again.

Sumeen Maur:  Are we doing t-shirts for Alhambra?

Danny Vo:  Yes, we are.  It looks like the Woodstock sign. 

Kevin Smuniewski:  They are a teal color.               


Old Business


New Business

University Honor Council meeting:  The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 25th at 12pm in EL 103.

We only had one pending case.  I will let you know what happens with that.


Old Business

Sorry for those of you who signed up for Habitat. We are giving you 1 hour credit for service.  If you signed up to work Fat Tuesday you will get your 1 hour consolation prize as well. 

New Business

Upcoming Spring Service Hour Opportunities: 

                Cooper River Bridge Run, Kids Run: April 5th- different time spots to sign up

                Relay for Life: Friday April 12th, 5-9pm.

If you sign up to be on the SGA team for Relay for Life, SGA will pay your $10 cost. You are not financially obligated to give money or fundraise.  Please commit to your service events and please recycle. 


Old Business


New Business



College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan:  The Student Leadership and Service Banquet deadline is approaching on April 17th.  You will all receive your invitations so mark your calendars.

If you are a part of an organization that is doing great community service, apply for the MUSC Gives Back awards.  The SGA Service committee will be selecting one organization from each college.  Please fill in your MUSC Gives Back hours!

Charles Banov Humanitarian award application is now open.  It is an online submission and there will be cash prizes.

Student Programs:

Kevin Smuniewski:

2013 Call for Student Leadership Society Nominations:  Application process closes Friday March 29th at 5pm.  Winners get a $1500 award.

SC Conservation Gala:  6 SGA reps are invited to represent MUSC at the SC Conservation Gala on April 27th from 6:30 – 9pm at the SC Aquarium.  See Student Programs for more details.  This is a nice night at the aquarium.  Dr. Greenberg sponsors 2 tables at the event, one for faculty and one for students.  If you are interested please let myself or Dr. Burnham know. 

Earl B. Higgins Diversity Awards Reception:  All SGA reps are invited to attend the Earl B. Higgins Diversity Awards reception on April 3rd at 4:30pm at the Wickliffe House.  The SGA President and the Dean of the College of Medicine are this year’s honorees. 

Nadia Mariutto:

Student Parking:  Returning student parking has ended today.  Students who still need parking should contact parking management directly.  To my knowledge, we still have spots available in all lots, but on April 8th it is open to everyone. 

MUSC Roommate Finder Party:  Saturday, April 6th at 3:30pm in the HSC Auditorium.  This is a great way to meet potential roommates and check out available Charleston rentals.  Please call Student Programs (792-2693) to attend/sign-up.  We do brief introductions and do a meet and greet. 

Dorothea Gadsden:

Work Study Students needed:  Please continue to put the word out about work study positions.  We have had some interest, but not everyone is eligible.  We did hire one person already, but we would like to hire more.  Work study students are needed in Student Programs Office.  Students need to be available 10-20 hours a week to work in a fun, interactive environment.  We are looking to hire 3-4 students.  Perks include 2 free admission tickets to events if they work that day and a lenient schedule.  MUSC Gives Back is also looking for 1 student worker as well.  Flyers are posted up around campus.  They don’t include the MUSC Gives Back information but direct any student interest to me and I will get them in contact with Liz Sheridan.  You can contact me for more information at 792-2693. 

Katie Gonzalez:  I heard that there was not enough funding.

Dorothea Gadsden:  There is funding for it as far as I know.

Kevin Smuniewski:  Who told them that?

Katie Gonzalez:  They said they weren’t able to apply.  Where should I send them?

Dorothea:  Contact me at and I can direct them to Tammy Cook. 

Books are Fun Sale: This SGA fundraiser is taking place on April 10th and 11th at the ART Portico.  There will not be a payroll deduction for employees.  We get 20% of all sales. 

University wide Committees

Dental Medicine

Graduate Studies

Health Professions – Chayla Handley:

Tonight we are having a fundraiser at Barberitos; 10% goes to the CHP college-wide fund.

Tomorrow, our fundraiser will be at TCBY on James Island from 3-5pm.  Again, 10% will go to CHP if you mention MUSC.

Charity Trivia Night - April 4 - Group of First Year MHA’s are hosting a Charity Trivia night at Boone’s Bar with all the proceeds going to Windwood Farm. It will be $10 per person to attend, with prizes for 1st and 2nd place. All who attend are also entered into a raffle. There will be prizes given out through the night. 

Rockin' Red Shoes - April 9 - Doors open at 8:00pm with two of Charleston's favorite local artists. First up will be High Tide with The Ryan Bonner Band following. Proceeds from ticket sales and donations will go directly to the Ronald McDonald House. Ticket prices are $10. For more information please go to

April 11th - Special Olympics:  The Physical Therapy program supports this event each year and needs volunteers! If interested, email their president, Jeffrey Metzler, at

Gowns for Giving- April 19-20:  Champagne Preview will be in the CHP Atrium on April 19th, 7-10pm. Admission is $20 and attendees will be the first to see the dresses, enjoy a glass of champagne, and can purchase them on this night as well before the main event on Saturday.   The main event is on April 20th, 9am-7pm in the CHP Atrium. All proceeds will go to benefit Camp Happy Days. Gowns will be from Santee Bridal and Formal Wear and up-scale boutiques such as Klinefelds in NY.

2nd Annual John von Lehe Memorial Cast & Blast Tournament-May 18 - This is a fishing tournament followed by a night event with food, drinks and many items being auctioned off. All proceeds benefit The Hollings Cancer Center for cancer treatment and research. For more information please visit the website or Facebook. 

The PA program is taking $1 donations for cutouts for the Charleston bed race that benefits Camp Happy Days.

International Student Association – Cody Chiuzan:   MUSC is having English as a second language classes offered every Saturday at the gym across from the student programs office.  They will be practicing conversation and reading easy English papers.  I will forward information to Kayla to send out in an email. 


Multicultural Student Advisory Board – Omici Uwagbai:  We will be having an SAT workshop for Charleston, Berkeley county and Dorchester county high schools.  We will also have a student panel, college fair, and lunch for participants.  This event will take place on April 20th from 9am-3pm. You don’t have to stay the whole time. 

Nursing – Brian Harley:  

SNA is having a bake sale on April 2-4 from 11am – 3pm in the main hospital lobby

CON is hosting an MUSC Krav Maga Event that is open to all MUSC students on April 6th from noon-1pm.  The cost is $10 a person.  Sign up at


Liz Sheridan:  You can report fundraising hours as service hours in MUSC Gives Back.  It may not be a direct hands-on kind of service, but they are reportable volunteer hours. 

Caroline Hoover:  The poster for Alhambra is what the t-shirt is like if you want to see what the t-shirt looks like.  The sheet I passed around reflects the consolation hours, so if you need hours please let me know so we can figure it out.

Katie Gonzalez:  People want to buy t-shirts for Alhambra.

Kevin Smuniewski:  Nancy did a good job with the design.  We already ordered a set number of t-shirts prior to the event so we would have to order after the fact if there was interest. 

Katie Gonzalez:  Can we see if there is enough to put in an order after the event?

Kevin Smuniewski:  The thing is we still have Back to School party t-shirts left over that no one wants so we’ll see.