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Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2012


Pat Cassano (Enrollment Management) – Our trip last year to the Citadel was met with University praise from MUSC administrators and staff.  After meeting with the board of trustees, Dr. Greenberg decided that commencement will be in the Citadel Field house from now on.  This will be a money saver since in past years we have paid for 2 separate ceremonies, one at the Horseshoe and one at the Citadel as a backup.  This will also solve parking issues as well as outdoor weather issues such as the heat or rain. Last year, we maxed out on attendance.  We are considering giving 10 guest tickets per student.  If students do not need all of the tickets, they can turn them back in and free up tickets for other students.

We will also be moving to the Harper student Center this year.  The 3rd floor will consist of the financial aid and registrar office.  The 4th floor will house the admissions office.  The move will be completed around mid December.

I also want to share this year’s commencement announcement options with you.  There are 2 choices available at the Jostens website.  Beginning December 1st you will be able to order announcements for May’s graduation. 

Question from Cason Hund:  Is this the largest indoor location on the peninsula?  Is there a venue at the College of Charleston that is larger?

Answer from Pat:  The Field house is our best choice.

Question from Thomas Tyner: Is this a final decision?

Answer from Pat:  It has been finalized.  There has been some discussion to move the ceremony from Friday to Saturday.

Question from James Atkison:  Have you considered having 2 separate commencements?

Answer from Pat:  We have not considered this in the past.  We want to be considered as ONE university.

Comment from Joey Powell:  I think the ticket number is fine and will work well for most people.

Comment from Pat:  If students don’t need all of their tickets that will also free up tickets for other students.  I also want to pass around the diploma that you will receive.  Inside there will be a picture of MUSC, showing where graduation used to be.

Thomas Beckham (Gay Straight Alliance) – The MUSC Gay Straight Alliance would like to propose an addition to the admissions equal opportunity policy at MUSC.  The Gay Straight Alliance previously approached the SGA requesting the addition of “sexual orientation” to the admissions equal opportunity policy at MUSC.  We now propose to include “gender identity” to the student admissions policies.  Earlier this year, discussions were initiated with Dr. Greenberg and his office regarding the inclusion of “sexual orientation and gender identity” to all employment and non-discrimination policies of the MUSC.  We feel that the adoption of “gender identity” to student admissions policies would not only be an important addition to the admissions policy but would also show student support for our ongoing efforts to institute university wide changes.  We believe that the addition of these two words to the admissions statement will not only be in keeping with MUSC’s commitment to diversity, but also with our status as a leader in the health care community and a university that welcomes the best and brightest aspiring healthcare professionals and scientists.   

Reps were given a chance to read a copy of the current and revised statement. 

Cason Hund:  We need a simple endorsement from the SGA by simple majority.

5 minute Question and Answer Period:

Question from James Atkison:  Does this change any thing on the formal application process?

Answer from Thomas: This is just a gesture of support. 

The SGA endorsed the revision of the admissions equal opportunity policy at MUSC to include “gender identity” as voted by simple majority.

PRESIDENT:  Brandon Hagan

Old Business

Reading of the October 24th minutes:  Approved

New Business

Primary Care Week Planning Committee Meeting:  National primary care week is an annual event to highlight the importance of primary care and bring health care professionals together to discuss and learn about generalist and interdisciplinary health care, particularly its impact on and importance to underserved populations.  This year it is the week of Jan 23-26th.  One SGA liaison is needed to attend the planning meeting on Monday, November 26th from 4:00-5:00pm at the Education Center Library Room 103.  Holly Berry volunteered.  

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:   Philip Talcott and Andy Curtis


Old Business

MUSC Winetasting Expense Report and Evaluation:  The SGA spent a total of $41,000 on this event.  The most expensive thing was food at $1700, followed by wine at $8000.  We had a profit of $19,000 from ticket sales, resulting in a net total expense of $21,776.  We were under budget so hopefully these funds will be able to go to another event next semester.  An evaluation sheet is being passed around if you have any comments about the event.

Exam Breaks:  Exam break will be on December 10th from 7-8pm.  Sign-ups will be sent out after the next meeting, a week before the event.  This is the last worker spot of the semester.


Old Business

University Honors Council meeting:  At this meeting we went over all honors violations from this past summer up until October 25th.  A student from CHP was found guilty of submitting a written summary of observations of that didn’t actually occur. The student received an F on the assignment, will have to resubmit the assignment, and attend CAPs.  This will be noted on their transcript, but will be removed if the student meets all requests.  A student from COP was also discussed, but due to lack of evidence the issue was dropped.

New Business

University Honor Council Meeting:  The next meeting will be held on December 5th at noon in ECL103. 

Academic Affairs Committee Meeting


New Business

Children’s Hospital holiday dinner:  November 27th, time TBD after 5pm.  This is a holiday dinner at the Children’s Hospital for its patients and their families.  It should last about 3 hours.  It is the last opportunity for the year.  Please make sure to get your 3 hours!  If you have not completed the 3 hours, you are already signed up.  We removed those of you who already met your requirements.  We will have a brief meeting afterwards for the volunteers.   


New Business

Website Update:  The website has been updated with all of worker spots from the Winetasting.  Please check the website to see how many hours you have left to make up and let me know if there are any errors.

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski – Flag football is over.  Pictures of the winning teams are being passed around.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan:  November 30th is the World Aids Day Celebration.  The day will begin at noon with a panel of people currently living with HIV.  Limited box lunches will be provided to students who attend.  Before and after the panel, student organizations will have poster presentations related to the topic.  At 5pm, there will be a guest lecture from the infectious disease department. 

Student Programs

University wide committees         


Graduate Studies

Health Professions – Cacey Black: CHP had a successful Halloween party.  This was the first time to have all of the programs in CHP together for an event.  There will be a volunteer opportunity for the Turkey run on Thanksgiving.  Volunteers are needed for the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of November.  Shoot me an email if you would like more information.

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board


Pharmacy – Kathryn Holt:  November 30th is the annual Christmas Crawl.  There are trees on campus with stockings to help the Carolina Youth Development Center.  This is different from the angel trees around campus.  On November 30th there is a bar crawl at 6pm starting at Mad River.  Entry is a gift from the tree.