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Meeting Minutes – November 28, 2012


PRESIDENT:  Brandon Hagan

Old Business

Reading of the November 14th minutes:  Approved

New Business

People against Rape:  People against Rape is South Carolina’s oldest rape crisis center.  They are looking for volunteers to take crisis calls and accompany victims through the evidentiary exam at MUSC’s ER.  There are two upcoming volunteer training sessions are available (must attend both) on December 12th and 14th from 9am – 1pm.  They are looking for volunteers that are able to devote one to two monthly time slots (of between 4, 8, or 12 hours).  This information is also on the MUSC Gives Back classifieds at as well on the Student Broadcast Messages.  Please disseminate this information to your classes.

Congratulations to the graduating nursing students!

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:   Layne Madden and Jake Schubert


New Business

Chamber Music Concert:  a FREE Chamber Music Concert, sponsored by MUSC President’s Office and MUSC Cultural Projects Council, will be in the Colbert ECL lobby on Wednesday, December 5th from 12 – 12:45pm.  Bring your lunch and enjoy free music.  Complimentary cookies will be provided!

Exam Breaks:  Exam break will be on December 10th, time is TBD.  Sign-ups were sent out this afternoon.  There are 10-12 worker spots available, with 4 spots for clean up (which equals 2 worker spots).

Oyster Roast: Friday, January 11th, 7-10:30 pm at the Visitor Center bus shed.  Tickets go on sale on December 3rd.  Two tickets per MUSC ID, at $12 each. 

Congratulations to Brandon Hagan for matching his orthodontic residency at Washington Center Hospital in D.C.


New Business

University Honor Council Meeting:  The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 5th from noon – 1pm in ECL103. 

Library Update:  There have been some printing problems on the 2nd and 3rd floors plus Room 440 - five printers total. The library is buying two new printers and the "parts" that are necessary to get the other three printers up to snuff are on order.  Earlier in the semester, a color printer was added to the third floor, so all floors now have a color printer.

During Christmas break, the empty stacks on the 2nd and 4th floors will be taken down. 

Two sets of eight carrels will be placed on the 2nd floor.  These two sets will be electrified.  The two sets of carrels on the 4th floor were also electrified.  The library was not aware that they were not enabled. Expenditures of money were necessary to do this.

Twenty white boards were purchased and distributed throughout the three floors of the library; ten small and ten large.

We hope by finals to add four computers on the 2nd floor.  They will be placed to the right of the stairs.  

There has been a request for SAS to be on more computers on the 2nd floor. Some software licenses were found earlier this week.  They should be placed on selected computers in the next week.

The College of Medicine has made In Time virtual patient cases in Pediatrics, family medicine, internal medicine and radiology available to all students, faculty, residents and staff.  They can be found under EdWeb as well as the resources by subject in those medical specialties.

The College of Pharmacy and the hospital's Drug Information Center has made the Johns Hopkins AX and Johns Hopkins HIV Guide available.  They will be on the library's website later this week.  Previously, selected parts of these books were available by the publisher and Johns Hopkins.

If students access other resources that are not on the library's website, please tell them to contact Bob in the library.  He will do his best to get them up there.  Other students may find the resource helpful as it is to them.


New Business

Sugar Free Fall Festival:  The evaluation sheet is being passed around.

SGA Holiday Luncheon:  The evaluation sheet is being passed around.

Everyone met their service hours except one person.

Brief Service Committee meeting afterwards


No Report

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski – The Winter Basketball Captain’s meeting will be held on January 8th at 5:15pm in the auditorium.  The games will be on Saturdays from 10am-4pm.  They will be 4 on 4 games using only one side of the court.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back – Liz Sheridan:  Thursday, November 29th is the World Aids Day Celebration.  The day will begin at noon at BSB100 with a panel of people currently living with HIV.  Limited box lunches will be provided to students who attend.  Before and after the panel, student organizations will have poster presentations related to the topic.  At 5pm, there will be a guest lecture from the infectious disease department in Drug Discovery, reception following.

Would any of the volunteers for last night’s holiday event like to tell everyone about it?

Cacey Black:  It was a great dinner held on the 8th floor with the families in waiting room.  The families were all very grateful.  One lady says it really makes a difference just to have a meal when you’re up there.

Jill Hubbuch:  A few kids still believed in Santa and everyone appreciated the holiday cheer.  It was all very heartfelt and precious.

Sara Garrett:  It was nice to see the sparkle in all of their eyes and the smiles on their faces.  Even 17 year olds had smiles on their faces and the nurses all looked very happy.

Lindsay Dangerfield:  I wasn’t supposed to be an elf, but I was placed into the role last minute.  It was a really special event and I am glad I got to be a part of it. 

Liz Sheridan:  Ashekia was supposed to be an elf, but was unable to make it in time so Lindsay switched roles with her.  When Ashekia arrived she was the greeter.  The hospital said she was the most enthusiastic greeter they have ever had.  The accidental switching of character was a benefit for everyone. 

Student Programs – Dr. Burnham:

Martin Luther King Jr. Student Essay Contest:  MSAB and the Office of Student Diversity are now accepting student submissions for the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Essay Contest.  The deadline for submission is Friday, January 11th at 5pm and must be submitted electronically to  The winning essay will be featured during the annual Dr. King Day program on Friday, January 18th at 12pm.  The essays are usually received during the Christmas holiday.  There are cash prizes given to the winners.  Share this information with your peers and colleges. 

Earl B. Higgins Achievement in Diversity Awards Nominations:  The MUSC’s Office of Student Diversity is seeking nominations for the Earl B. Higgins Achievement in Diversity Awards and Student Leadership in Diversity Award.  I will send a link to Kayla to send to all of you with more information on this award as well as the essay contest. 

On behalf of Student Programs, we wish you a happy holiday and hope that you will come back energized and ready for the new semester.  Thank you for all of your hard work this semester.  Enjoy your dinner.

Brandon Hagan:  This year has been the smoothest easy going work with all of you.  Thank you for all your hard work.  For those of you who are graduating congrats and good luck! 

University wide committees         


Graduate Studies

Health Professions - Chayla Handley:

MUSC OT Class of 2014:  Frozen Yogurt Fundraiser on Thursday, November 29th at Tutti Frutti of Mout Pleasant from 12-9pm. 

Anesthesia for nurses:  T-shirt sale fundraiser.  Contact Chayla if you are interested.

MUSC OT Class of 2013:  They are sending shoeboxes to Uganda filled with crayons, coloring books, and other things the kids might like.  If you or your College would like to participate, take completed shoeboxes to the CHP atrium.  We are accepting until next Friday.

PT:  PT is hosting a Special Olympics next semester.  If your college wants to make a donation or be involved, let Chayla know.

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board

Nursing – Jake Schubert:  The MUSC chapter of Disaster Response is seeking student involvement.  Please check your Student Broadcast Messages for more information and send Jake an email if you are interested. 

Pharmacy – Kathryn Holt:  November 30th is the annual Christmas Crawl.  There are trees on campus with stockings to benefit the Carolina Youth Development Center.  On November 30th there is a bar crawl at 6pm starting at Mad River.  Entry is a gift from the tree.  Wear ugly Christmas sweaters!