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Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2012

PRESIDENT:  Brandon Hagan

Old Business

Reading of the August 29th minutes:  Approved

New Business

Introduction of new SGA Representatives, Executive Officers, and Advisors

Executive Officers and Committees:


SGA Retreat: Part II of the SGA retreat will be held on Saturday, September 15th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the James Island County Park Wando Shelter.  Lunch from the Kickin’ Chicken will be served at 11:30.  Sign-ups for your food order are going around.  Pre-paid park entrance tickets are also being handed out.  If any of your colleagues are missing the meeting, let them know that they will need to pick up their pre-paid entrance ticket before Saturday.  We will be having a field day with team building games. Wear comfortable shoes, shorts, and your Back to School Party T-shirt. The retreat is mandatory!

Question from Sara Garrett: Will there be signs to the Wando Shelter?

Answer:  The park has signs.  Take a left at the first stop sign.  Follow the road and follow the signs.

Question from Jordan Price:  Is it from 9am-1pm, because the Oath of Understanding says 8am-12pm?

Yes it is 9am-1pm.

American Heart Association Event and Walk:  September 29th the day after the Art Walk.  If anyone is interested please email Brandon Hagan.  We will meet at 8:30am and the walk starts at 9am.  It should only take an hour or so.

Addiction Film Screenings:  An addiction film will be airing at the Drug Discovery building on November 14th. It will also be airing at the College of Charleston on November 15th.  This is a free, educational event that is co-sponsored by the SGA.   Brandon Hagan will send an email out with more information for reps to forward to their classes.

Committee Meetings:  SGA representatives divided up into their committees to discuss goals for the year, review the SGA oath and review the SGA budget. 

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Sara Garrett and James Atkison


Old Business

Expense Report:  Our total expenses from the Back to School Party were ~$17000.  We were ~$1000 over budget.  However, we will be saving money this year on the SGA Retreat.  We will also be saving money by not purchasing SGA T-shirts this year.  Instead, we will use our Back to School Party shirts as SGA shirts.  The money used to purchase the Back to School Party shirts did not come out of our budget so we did not lose any money there. 

Our total expenses from the Student Activities Fair were $3997.  Tent rentals were the most expensive purchase, costing us $4400. Funding for the event was supplemented by Student  Programs.

Question from James Atkison:  Did we make any money off of the BTS T-shirt sale?

Answer: Not really.

Question from Cody Chiuzan:  What was the biggest expense for the Back to School Party?

Answer: Food is always the most expensive thing.  This expense is followed by entertainment and the equipment at $4800, and beer and cups at $3400. 

Student Activities Fair Evaluation: 
The Student Activities Fair Evaluation is being passed around.  Write down your opinion of the event.

New Business

MUSC Art Walk:  The MUSC Art Walk is on September 28th from 5pm to 8pm.  All MUSC students, faculty, and staff are invited.  14 galleries are open with free appetizers and drinks with MUSC ID.  Worker sign-ups will be sent out next week through Sign-up Genius.  Make sure to add your phone number in the comment line when you sign up for a worker spot.  Bring your student ID and Driver’s license!  If you cancel please let us know ahead of time instead of just deleting your name.

Question from Kathryn Holt: Can you send sign-up for events more than a week in advance like 2 weeks?

Answer:  Yes

SGA Alcohol Awareness Month:  Every Wednesday in the month of September
September 19th:  “Alcohol Culture on our Campus” MUSC SGA Student Panel
September 26th:  “From Folly to Sanctuary” Matt Pridgen, Author, Speaker, Survivor
Free lunch to the first 50 students!
Volunteers needed for the SGA student panel:  James Atkison and Michael Occhipinti

Social Committee Meeting:  Winetasting meeting after next week’s meeting for the Social committee


New Business

Library update:  There have been multiple noise complaints in the library.  Please try not to disturb students and be respectful while you are in the library.  Please pass this information along to your classmates.

Is there any interest in any other type of electronics in the library?

Comment from Sarah Baxley:  This is something we can come back with next week after we ask our classes

Question from Phil Sobolesky:  Does this include software, such as statistical software and Photoshop?

Answer:  Not sure.

Comment from Jake Shubert:  The 4th floor of the library has a Creative Suite.

Roberts Rules of Order (revised):  A Roberts Rules of Order cheat sheet is being handed out for reps reviewing the most common phrases used in meetings.  Use this cheat sheet and bring it with you to every meeting.  We want to make sure everyone gets heard.  If you would like something to happen, “motion” to do it.  You can motion to make an amendment.  This occurs during the first read of the budget, which we will do today.  If you want something amended, it needs to be voted by 2/3 of the majority.  If you would like to bring an issue to vote say “Motion to call the previous question”.  If you support the motion, say “second”.  If you would like to stop something from happening, say “object” before the motion is carried.  After objecting, say what you would like to happen instead (i.e. Motion to continue with more pro/con debating”.  In order to clarify a point or input missing information, say “point of information”.  If you would like speak on unrelated business (i.e. Can we turn the thermostat up?) say “point of privilege”.  If you are ever unsure of what or how to say something, just raise our hand and say it or just ask.  We use an abbreviated Parliamentary procedure so you will never be penalized or ignored for participating respectfully.  Please be respectful and listen when others have the floor.  Wait until you are called on to speak.  We will try our best to keep the order correct.  Exec members do not vote or state our opinion.  We are here for guidance.  When voting, we will begin by having a question and answer period for discussion.  Following this period, we will have a pro/con debate of 3 minutes.  We will switch back and forth between pros and cons (distinguished by an open hand and closed hand).  If the problem is not resolved, you can motion to extend the debate, otherwise voting will occur.  Do not be intimidated by the procedure.  We are all still learning, including executive officers!  Please speak up!  No one will judge you.  Remember to remain respectful of everyone’s opinion.  The academic affairs committee will do their best to help Parliamentary procedure on the floor.

Fall Budget 2nd read: 

Motion by Thomas Tyner:  Motion to read by Title only.  Seconded.

Period of Question and Answer: 

Question from James Atkison:  Are the up to date expenses from the Back to School Party on the budget? 

Answer:  No

Question from Andy Curtis:  Are there any extra binders for the new reps so we can see the budget?

Answer:  Yes see Nancy after the meeting

Question from Nadia (on behalf of Academic Affairs committee member):  Why are we only having one exam break this year?

Kevin Smuniewski:  Because of the schedule of exams this year, most colleges will have exams in the same time frame.

3 minute period of pro/con debate:

Con from Layne Madden:  Should we prioritize the badge clips by only purchasing enough for incoming students?

Kevin Smuniewski:  Point of Information:  We already purchased them.

Cason Hund:  We will change that for next fall

Question from James Atkison:  Is this something we need to look at at the end of the semester rather than looking at the budget after the purchases have already been made?

Cason:  Yes we will need to amend the constitution to make this change.  But we also do not want reps that will not be here the following year voting on the budget for the next year. 

Pro from Joey Powell:  With going over budget on BTS party and going under for retreat, we are flexible and since it is early in the game, we can manage to be flexible with the rest of the budget.

Sumeen Maur:  Motion to call previous question.

The Fall 2012 budget passed without dissent.


New Business

Carolina Youth Development Center Event:  We will be playing kickball and having a picnic at the CYDC on September 22nd from 10am-12pm.  Sign up for service worker spots.  I will pass along a sign-up sheet.

Red Cross Blood Drive:  The Red Cross blood drive will be held on October 9th at the wellness center gym.  You can get all 3 hours, 2 hours or whichever amount of service hours you want with this event.  The spots are in 1-hour blocks.

Make a Difference Day:  Make a Difference Day will be held on October 13th. The service committee will be captains for 6 different locations in the Charleston area.

Voter Registration Drive:  We were approached by students to have a voter registration drive.  This drive will be held on Tuesday, September 18th and Wednesday September 19th from 11am to 1pm.  Sign up for service worker spots!  They will help show you how to change your voting location from your hometown to Charleston. 

Question from Jill Hubbuch:   Where is Red Cross drive and Make a Difference Day located?

Caroline:  The Red Cross Drive will be located at the gym.  For Make a Difference Day, we will meet together at the Wellness Center and then go out to our sites.  We will meet back up for lunch.

Question form Stephen Thompson:  Can we get hours for giving blood?

Answer from Liz:  Yes, 1 hour

Question from Summeen Maur:  Are we getting a Red Box on campus? 

Answer:  Not sure.  There is one located at the gas station off Rutledge.


New Business

Website update:  The website is updated with your worker spots from the Student Activities Fair and Back to School Party.  Please check the website to make sure you complete all of your worker and service hours!

SGA Oath of Understanding:  If you did not get a signed copy of the Oath of Understanding to your Committee chair, please make sure and get it turned into one of the executive officers or advisors.  Also, all new representatives need to see Nancy after the meeting to get their SGA binders, T-shirt, and bags!

SGA Pictures:  SGA pictures for the website will be taken on Wednesday, October 10th before the SGA meeting.  We will be taking several group pictures and individual pictures.  Please dress appropriately!

Question from Andy Curtis:  Can we stop receiving Phishing emails?

Answer from Nancy:  We are not in charge of the Phishing emails.  We all receive them as well. OCIO is in charge of those.  The whole University and hospital receive those emails.   

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Flag football:  19 flag football teams

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back - Liz Sheridan:  A campus wide service opportunities sheet was passed around.  Please pass this information on to your classmates.

Encourage your classes to participate in these campus wide events!

Student Programs:

Nancy Lemon:  Volunteers are needed for the Photography Project for the Student Programs website.  Please ask your colleagues who are interested.  We need people represented from all colleges wearing their attire (i.e. lab coat, scrubs).  We want to show diversity on campus!  Email if you are interested!

Please let me know if any student organizations need to be updated in the student handbook!

Dr. Burnham:  Please communicate this information to your classes with your classes!  If there is anything you would like to receive electronically, please let us know.  You determine how much or how little information your classmates receive and the format the information is in.

Starting next Monday the Charleston Concert Association tickets will go on sale until October 1st to students only.   After this date, all faculty and employees will be able to buy them.  These are great orchestra level seats.  Each series has 4 shows.  You can purchase 2 tickets per ID. 

Dr. Greenberg is also getting 300 tickets to the Symphony orchestra this year. 

University wide committees


Graduate Studies

Health Professions – Cacey Black:  OT is having their second annual Chili Cook-off on Wednesday, October 3rd at noon.  It will be $5 to eat chili!  If you would like to participate, please email

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board – Omici Colquitt:   MSAB is assembling a group of interprofessional students to present information to the Charleston community for health education.  The general interest meeting will be held next Thursday, September 20th at noon.  The location is TBA.  A student broadcast message will be sent as a reminder.  Right now we have a predominance of COM students so please encourage classmates in other colleges to participate.