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Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2012

Speaker:  Dr. Darlene Shaw, PhD, Associate Provost for Educational Affairs and Student Life

I want to welcome you all to MUSC and congratulate you all for being elected by and representing your classmates.  SGA is a great vehicle for you and your classmates to have input into decision making at MUSC.  You all have great representation, officers, and staff.  Dr. Burnham and the other SGA advisors are great advocates for you.  I want to get your needs and the needs of all MUSC students met.  In a survey conducted at MUSC, well over 90% of students said they made the right choice by selecting to attend MUSC.  90-95% of students believe that they are receiving a quality education and are provided with excellent student services at MUSC.  We want to improve our services even further to make sure all your needs are met.  Please give feedback to your student officers and see me whenever you need and we will do our best to assist you.  Education and student life plays a lot of roles on campus, but our most important role is to provide you with great services.  I will be at the Art Walk this Friday and I also attended your Back to School Party. It was a great event!  Kevin and everyone who worked on this event did a really great job.  Remember that my door is always open.

PRESIDENT:  Cason Hund is speaking on behalf of Brandon Hagan

Old Business

Reading of the September 12th minutes:  Approved

SGA Retreat recap and evaluation:  The total expenditure from the SGA Retreat was $857.43.  We were able to save some money here to offset costs from the Back to School Party.  An evaluation sheet is being passed around to get feedback from SGA reps.

New Business

Dinner at the Greenberg’s:  The Greenberg’s have invited SGA out to their home for dinner on November 7th at 6:30pm.  A sign-up sheet to RSVP will be passed around in the upcoming meetings.  Make sure to keep this date in mind!

Commencement speaker suggestions:  A sheet is being passed around for your input into this year’s commencement speaker.  Remember that the speaker does not need to be medically involved.  Put whoever you would like to see, but please don’t be too ridiculous.  We will look into our options and try to meet your suggestions.

American Heart Association Event and Walk:  September 29th the day after the Art Walk.  We will meet at 8:30am and the walk starts at 9am at Liberty Square.  Our team is very slim right now so please sign-up. 

Question from Michael Occhipinti:  How long will the heart walk last?  I have to work afterwards.

Answer from Kevin Smuniewski:  It shouldn’t take long.  It is only a 3 mile walk.  It should be done by 10:30a.m.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:   Jake Schubert and Michael Occhipinti


Old Business

Alcohol Awareness evaluation:  An evaluation sheet is being passed around for your input on the Alcohol Awareness seminars held every Wednesday of this month at noon.  Let me know what you thought about them. 

New Business

MUSC Art Walk:  The MUSC Art Walk is this Friday, September 28th from 5pm to 8pm.  All MUSC students, faculty, staff and guests are invited to this FREE event.  14 galleries are open with free appetizers and drinks with MUSC ID and Driver’s License.  If you are working the event, please come early to your spot.  The MOJA festival is also taking place this weekend so downtown will be packed and it may be difficult to find parking.  Please show up 5-10min early for your shift.  There is a sheet being passed around that shows workers and the assigned gallery they are responsible for.   A map of the art walk is at your seat, if you need to get a general idea of where your gallery is located downtown.  Remember to tell your classmates that food and drink will be limited.  There is not an unlimited supply.

Charleston Stage:  “Nevermore”, a haunting tale of Edgar Allen Poe’s own mysterious death and disappearance will be performed at the Dock Street Theatre on Friday, October 19th.  Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for non-students (2 per MUSC ID).  There will be a FREE private MUSC Reception during intermission!

MUSC SGA Winetasting at the SC Aquarium:  The Winetasting will be on November 2nd at the SC Aquarium from 7-10pm.  Worker sign-ups will be sent out as we approach the date.  This is an elegant, classy event.  Students dress up in cocktail attire.  The tickets are $25 and they will be on sale Monday, October 15, 2012. Please start hyping this event up to your classmates. 

Social Committee Meeting:   We will have a pre-winetasting winetasting immediately after the general body meeting. 

Question from Kathryn Holt:  Will worker sign-ups be sent out before the tickets are being sold?

Answer from Kevin Smuniewski:  Yes, we can send the sign-up out next week.

Comment from Dr. Burnham:  It is important to get the word out about the winetasting because it has switched from a spring event to a fall event.  Make sure that it is clear that this is the fall event that usually happens in the spring. 


New Business

Library update:  We are still getting complaints about noise in the library. Please remind your classmates to be respectful.  I also checked on getting a Redbox in the library.  In order to get a Redbox, you have to purchase it and apply so that Redbox can evaluate the location.  Right now we are pretty tight on money in the SGA budget so this does not seem feasible at the time.

Comment from Andy Curtis:  Clemson’s library has group floors and quiet floors that are monitored.  It worked out really well.  Is this something we would want to do here at MUSC?

Answer from Cason Hund:  As the MUSC library is designed now we can’t really do the full floor option.  The 2nd floor is too small to really use this as an either group study or quiet study.  There is a lot of traffic on the 3rd floor and lots of study rooms located there to keep the noise down, although you can still here the noise.  If the library made the 3rd floor a quiet floor, there would not be a place for group study.  The 1st floor is not really a part of the library.  The back right corner of the 3rd floor is very quiet and has several unreserved carrels. 


Old Business

Carolina Youth Development Center Event – Brian Harley:  On September 22nd, last Saturday, we went to the CYDC.  This is located down Montague Ave., right before park circle.  It is located in a cool neighborhood with homes for the kids.  Right now there are about 27 kids at CYDC.  Eight reps came out and played kickball with the kids.  The ages ranged from 2, 5-6 to 15-16 years old.  Some of the kids just hung out and talked to each other and didn’t play kickball, but others did.  Liz grilled and we all talked and ate hot dogs.  We encouraged them and talked about our careers.

Voter Registration Drive – Omici Uwagbai:  On September 18 and 19 we had the voter registration drive.  We reminded students about absentee ballots and even got a new citizen registered to vote. There were about 5 SGA reps.

New Business

Red Cross Blood Drive:  The Red Cross blood drive will be held on October 9th at the wellness center gym.  You can get all 3 hours, 2 hours or whichever amount of service hours you want with this event.  The spots are in 1 h blocks.

Make a Difference Day:  Make a Difference Day will be held on October 13th. The service committee will be captains for 6 different locations in the Charleston area. 

Question from Stephen Thompson:  What is Make a Difference Day?

Answer from Caroline:  We will all meet here the morning of the event.  Teams will then go out to their locations and we will meet back up for lunch.  Roughly 50 people volunteered last year.

Question from Stephen Thompson:  What are the things we would do?

Answer from Liz Sheridan:  We will send students to different locations.  One is the Department of Natural Resources, where volunteers will bag oyster shells to seed oyster beds.  Another location is the downtown Habitat for humanity restore, where volunteers will unbox holiday ornaments and decorations and set them up and decorate the store and Christmas tree.  We will also help with East Cooper Meals on Wheels.  Here 2 teams will work together to do yard work for elderly who are unable to clean their yards.  We will also work with the Charleston Area Garden Project.  All of the locations and activities will be described on the sign-up genius that will be sent out.

Question from Jill Hubbuch:  Is this open to everyone?

Answer from Caroline:  Yes, this is a campus-wide event

Question from Jill Hubbuch:  Do we send the link out from sign-up genius to everyone in our class?

Answer from Liz Sheridan:  The sign-up genius will be sent from MUSC Gives Back office to the student body.

Questions from Stephen Thompson:  What time to do we meet? 

Answer from Liz Sheridan:  Around 8-8:30a.m.

Sugar Free Fall Festival:  October 25th.  There is a sign-up sheet being passed around. 

Service Committee meeting:  We will meet immediately after the meeting.


Old Business

SGA Oath of Understanding:  If you have not signed a copy of the SGA Oath of Understanding, please make sure to stay after the meeting and see either Nancy or myself.  If you are a new rep, you will also need to see Nancy after the retreat to get your SGA binder and T-shirt, as well as sign the Oath. 

New Business

SGA Pictures:  SGA pictures for the website will be taken on Wednesday, October 10th.  Pictures will begin promptly at 5pm.  Please arrive on time so that we can begin the business portion of the meeting and get done in a timely manner.  We will be taking several group pictures and individual pictures.  Make sure your college mates also arrive on time.  We will have to wait on every member of each college to arrive to take the group picture.  Please dress appropriately!

Communications Committee meeting:  We will meet immediately after the meeting.

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back - Liz Sheridan:  Make a Difference Day is on Saturday, October 13th.  It is an SGA Sponsored, Campus-wide event.  The Miracle league is the last event from Make a difference Day.  Volunteers will play baseball with disabled children. Remember to tell your classmates about the Red Cross blood drive.  To sign up, go to  Search by zip code 29425 or by drive dates, Oct. 9 ( Gym Drive)  -  Oct 17 or 18th MUSC Hospital Fixed Site to sign up for the MUSC student blood drive.   This will be a competition among all six colleges.  Two free winetasting tickets will be given out to a member of the college with the most participation.

Student Programs – Burnham:  Charleston Concert Association Tickets are now on sale in the Student Programs Office.  Don’t drink alcohol while you are working for SGA at the Art Walk.  Also, make sure that our guests don’t leave the gallery with wine.  There will be police officers on the streets.  We want to make sure our guests are behaved and continue to be invited back to the art galleries in the future.  Please tell your colleges that there will be places to make donations for the Heart Walk at the gallery locations.

University wide committees


Graduate Studies

Health Professions - Chayla Handley:   The OT Chili Cook-off date has changed to Monday, October 29th.  It will cost $5 to try chili (not all you can eat).  The money raised will go to a scholarship fund.  Also, all six colleges within CHP are having our first social event in the College’s history.  We are all looking forward to it!

International Student Association – Cody Chiuzan:  We have a lot of participation in the Heart Walk this year.  We are a little short on donations but we compensate in numbers.  We have 17 participants.  Maybe we will join SGA since they are short on participants but not short on donations!


Multicultural Student Advisory Board – Omici Uwagbai:  There will be a MUSC 101 interest meeting on Monday October 1st in EL107 at noon.  MUSC 101 is a series of tuition free sessions presented by MUSC students to the Charleston community.  Communicate to your colleges so we can get more participation in either preparing the series or presenting as a speaker.