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Bill No. 06-11
2006/2007 MUSC SGA
Committee:  Student Wellness

Date Submitted:  12/06/2006
Date Approved:  12/06/2006
Author:  Academic Affairs Committee

A Resolution

SGA Statement of Opposition to the MUSC Arrest Policy

1. Purpose: To show MUSC Student Government opposition toward the MUSC Arrest Policy for reasons including but not exclusive to the fact that the policy was not brought before the SGA prior to it passing through the Dean’s Council, and enforcing the policy in January 2007 without proper notification of the students.

2. Whereas,  as representatives of the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association we act as the liaison between the administration and students, and

3. Whereas, we feel that policies that impact student welfare and student life should be presented to the Student Government Association prior to their approval and/or implementation, and

4. Whereas, we as a body feel that the students have not been provided appropriate notification of the policy and its start date,

5. Be it resolved by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association  assembled in regular session the following:

6. That, as future medical professionals we stand by the University Honor Code and agree that “health care professions require men and women of impeccable character who can live private and professional lives that exemplify high standards of moral conduct.” and,

7. That, we as representatives of our fellow students agree with the MUSC Arrest Policy in principle and agree that the protection of vulnerable patient populations is of utmost importance to both MUSC and the students who work in the Hospital and clinical sites, and

8. That, the representatives of the SGA agree that the Medical University should be informed when students are involved in inappropriate conduct that could tarnish the MUSC reputation, and

9. That, although we agree with the intentions of the policy, we voice our opposition to the Arrest Policy for the following reasons:

10. a) The MUSC SGA was not involved in the development of a policy that has a universal impact on the students.

11. b)The timeline for implementation of the policy does not allow for the proper notification of the student body

12. c)There currently is not an Arrest Policy for Faculty, Staff, and Administration

13. d)The term “moral turpitude” developed from the State Board of Nursing allows offenses that are not felonies to be punishable by the policy, and we feel that this terminology is entirely too subjective and allows too much room for interpretation. 


Michael Drake
Student Government President

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