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Bill No. 07-01
2006/2007 MUSC SGA
Committee:  Student Welfare

Date Submitted:  01/10/2007
Date Approved:  02/07/2007
Author:  Michael Drake

A Bill

Returning Student Parking

1. Purpose: To establish a means to distribute returning student parking in a fair and manageable manner that can act as precedent for future distribution of returning student parking.

2. Whereas, it is understood that parking in Charleston has a very high demand and has been difficult to distribute in recent years, and

3. Whereas, there are 328 reserved on-campus parking spaces and 219 reserved off-campus parking spaces designated for the 2,400 students within the MUSC parking system, and

4. Whereas, last year the priority system of “seniority with longevity” was approved by a narrow margin of voting SGA members, but with it accompanied great discontent from more than one of MUSC’s colleges, and

5. Whereas, during the 2005-2006 returning student parking registration a decision was made to allow a college to switch MNA’s prior to registration to allow students to register earlier than they normally would have been able to due to concern regarding safety, and

6. Whereas, although parking registration was a great success, this body feels that it was unjust to allow one college to switch MNA’s for parking as described above without allowing equal opportunity to the additional colleges at MUSC, 

7. Be it Enacted by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

8. That returning student parking registration be dispersed by the priority system of “longevity with MNA switching.” In this system, students will receive the opportunity to register for parking based on the number of semesters they will have accumulated prior to the semester the parking pass would be valid. In addition, students who feel that their academic requirements place them at an undue safety risk will be allowed the opportunity to submit a request to their respective college’s Associate Dean’s designee to switch MNA’s with a colleague within their college who does not need on campus parking, and is registered to sign up for parking one registration day prior to the petitioning student. Once the Associate Dean’s designee has received the petitions for MNA switching, they will be emailed to the SGA President to make the official MNA switching within the parking registration system. In addition, the distribution break down of the available parking spaces will be distributed as follows:

9. Students with six or greater semesters will register on the first day of registration.

10. Students with four to five semesters will register on the second day of registration.

11. Students with less than three semesters will register on the third day of registration.


Michael Drake
Student Government President

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