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Bill No. 07-04
2006/2007 MUSC SGA
Committee:  Student Wellness

Date Submitted:  12/06/2006
Date Approved:  12/06/2006
Author:  Academic Affairs

A Constitutional Amendment

A Bill:  "Student Life" Email List-Serve

Purpose: To compartmentalize the information disseminated to the student body so as to be made more readily available and efficient for their use.

Whereas, the Communications Committee would like to propose the development of a subsidiary email list-serve termed “Student Life” that will contain more of the social aspect and information not critical to the academic life of MUSC students.

Whereas, “Student Life” will contain information from, but not limited to, student organizations, outside organizations, the Office of Student Programs, and SGA bulletins.

Whereas, “Student Life” will not replace the current “Student Info” email list-serve. “Student Info” will henceforth contain information pertinent to the daily activities of academic life, financial aid, student health services, parking management, and other bulletins deemed necessary by the Office of Student Programs.

Whereas, all future broadcasts for both student life and student info will contain within the body of the email, a link to the Office of Student Programs and SGA events calendar.

Whereas, the statutes and limitations on number and frequency of emails previously applied to “Student Info” will be continued and will also be applicable to “Student Life”.

Be it enacted by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That future information presented to the MUSC student body will be delineated into two broad categories, “Student Info” and “Student Life”.


Michael Drake
Student Government President

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