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Bill No. 07-05
2006/2007 MUSC SGA

Date Submitted:  03/28/07
Date Approved:  DO NOT PASS
Author:  Alliance for Hispanic Health

A Bill

MUSC SGA Membership for the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health

Purpose: to acknowledge the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health as a university-wide student organization having one voting representative to the Student Government Association.

Whereas, the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association (MUSC SGA) aims to serve the needs of all students of the university, and

Whereas, the MUSC SGA has previously recognized the university-wide student organizations of the Multicultural Student Advisory Board and the International Student Association with voting SGA membership representation, and

Whereas, the Hispanic students of the University had previously petitioned the Association of Black Health Professionals in the College of Health Professions to become a Multicultural Association of Health Professionals to grant them membership, and having been denied, and

Whereas, the Hispanic Students of the University do not currently have specific representation at MUSC SGA, and

Whereas, the increasing diversity within the University and the community includes a growing Hispanic population who will be our colleagues and the people we serve as future health professionals,

Be it resolved by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health be recognized as a voting member of the MUSC SGA.   



Michael Drake
Student Government President

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Brandon Hagan, CDM

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