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Bill No. 07-07
2006/2007 MUSC SGA
Committee:  Academic Affairs

Date Submitted:  10/31/2007
Date Approved:  NOT PRESENTED
Author:  Joseph Brown

A Constitutional Amendment


Purpose: To amend the current constitution to include a means of impeachment for a member of the MUSC SGA if he/she is found to violate an article in the Constitution/Bylaws and/or any rules of the MUSC Honor Code.

Whereas currently a MUSC SGA representative can only be removed from office if they violate the terms of the MUSC SGA Constitution,

Be it enacted by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That Article VIII be added to the MUSC SGA Constitution and read as follows:

Article VIII. Impeachment in the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Student Government Association.

Section 1. Impeachment charges may only be brought against an official if he/she is found to violate an article in the Constitution/Bylaws and/or any rules of the MUSC Honor Code.

Section 2. A letter must be submitted to the Executive Board to begin the impeachment process. The letter must specify any alleged offenses committed by either an Executive Officer or Representative.

Section 3. The Executive Board will review the letter and refer it to the Student Senate. If the Senate finds that said offenses exist, they will refer the case to the Honor Council. For the case to proceed to the Honor Council there must be a two-thirds vote by the Senate.

Section 4.  The officer or Senator in question will be suspended for his/her official duties once the letter is referred to the Honor Council.

Section 5. The Honor Council has 15 working days from receipt of the letter from the Senate to reach a final decision regarding the officer or representative in question. The Honor Council will investigate all reasonable causes to impeach a Student Government Officer or Representative; they will take appropriate action against the accused.

Section 6. Two-thirds of the Student Senate may vote to extend the Honor Council’s 15 day deadline if sufficient cause exists to do so. 



Michael Drake
Student Government President

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