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Bill No. 08-08
2008/2009 MUSC SGA
Committee:  A
cademic Affairs

Date Submitted:  08/27/2008
Date Approved:  09/17/2008
Author:  Tyler Pierce

Campus-Wide Organization Petition for Voting Membership

Information and Petition Materials
SGA Representatives’ Roles and Responsibilities

Representatives are expected to attend bimonthly Wednesday evening meetings in the Harper Student Center Auditorium (HSC 204).  Meetings will begin promptly at 5:30.

Representatives are allowed two unexcused absences per semester.  If a representative sends a substitute from their class or organization to the meeting and notifies the SGA secretary or the Student Programs office prior to the missed meeting, the absence will be excused.

Representatives are required to attend the annual SGA Retreat.

Representatives are required to work three events per semester, one of which must be a clean-up duty.  Sign-up sheets for these events will be made available at meetings.  It is each representative’s responsibility to be on time for his or her shift or to find a substitute if a conflict arises.

All representatives must work a one-hour shift at ALHAMBRA, the SGA’s biggest event of the year.

Representatives are required to work one of the scheduled projects each semester.

Representatives not only represent their constituents on the SGA, but they also represent the SGA and the Medical University as a whole to the community. 

All representatives are required to serve on one of the SGA’s five committees: Student Welfare, Academic Affairs, Programs, Communications and Service.  These committees are outlined in the SGA constitution which can be found on the SGA’s website ( 

Expectations of the Petitioning Organization

The petitioning organization (referred to as “the organization”) must be recognized by the Medical University as a university-wide organization.

The organization must complete the below application and return to the Student Programs Office.

The organization is expected to send a representative to speak with the SGA at a regularly scheduled meeting and answer questions regarding the organization’s petition.  This must be coordinated with Student Programs.  A list of regularly scheduled meetings will be available in the Student Programs Office.

The organization is also responsible to arrange with the Academic Vice President an SGA representative to sponsor a bill to be presented before the SGA assembled in regular session.

Campus-Wide Organization Petition for Voting Membership on the SGA

Organization in existence since:    
Organization Name:
Number of Active Members:    
Organization President and Faculty Advisor:    
Organization Contact:
• Telephone:
• E-mail:
Number of prior petitions for membership (if any):    
What is the purpose of your organization?    
How is your organization currently funded?    
What would your organization bring to the SGA as a voting member?    
How are the members of your organization currently unrepresented on the SGA?    
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