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Bill No. 08-03
2007/2008 MUSC SGA
Committee:  Service

Date Submitted:  02/20/2008
Date Approved: 

A Bill

Campus Wide Organizations Appropriations

Purpose: To provide a document in order to more clearly define the role of MUSC SGA and its allocation of funds to Campus Wide Organizations.

Whereas currently the MUSC SGA Constitution under Article VI, Section 2, Number 3 reads: The SGA shall work to co-sponsor campus-wide programs with other student organizations. An organization wishing to co-sponsor an event with the Muse SGA must share the related expenses and event assistance 50/50, but does not state its position on charities or social organizations that do not abide by the same security measures as the SGA,

Be it Enacted by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That the following SGA Appropriations Guidelines be referenced to and followed by all organizations who seek financial aid from the SGA:

Purpose: These guidelines are to be used whenever an organization or individual is requesting funds from the SGA. They outline the forms required by the SGA, the rules/procedures for getting funding from the SGA as well as measures that may be taken by the SGA.

1. Process
A. SGA funds will be spent by organizations on a "first come, first served, and on the merits" basis.
B. Requests for SGA funding of an event must be made at least sixty (60) days in advance in the form of a written request such as the "SGA Funds Request Form." (hereafter "Request Form").
C. The Request Form can be picked up at the Student Programs office during normal business hours or can be found on the SGA website online at The Request Form must be given to Student Programs or the SGA treasurer at least sixty (60) days in advance of the date of the event.
D. If the event involves serving or patrons drinking alcohol, then an "Event Approval Form," signed by the respective college's Associate Dean or Student Programs Associate Director (for university wide organizations), must also be turned in along with the Request Form. The Event Approyal Form can be found online at the student activities website at

2. Rules
A. Each organization should provide the Executive Committee with accounting statements of its year-to-date.
B. Each organization should provide the SGA Executive Committee or SGA treasurer with an actual expenditure statement for the event(s) sponsored by or supported in whole or in part by SGA funds.
- Expenditure statement(s) must include receipts of expenses for which SGA funds were used or were asked for.
C. Each event, for which funds are requested, must be described, in detail, in the Request Form and how it will benefit and pertain to both the MUSC student body and the organization.
D. The Request Form must be signed off by the Faculty Advisor ofthe particular organization requesting SGA funding. Signing ofthe Request Form by the Faculty Advisor implies that the event conforms to all university policies, codes and procedures.
- On the occasion that the event violates any university policy, code or procedure, the Faculty Advisor is deemed to answer to any violations made.

3. Policy
A. All SGA funding will be in the form of "50/50" meaning the SGA will match the funds already raised by the organization for the event, and no more, with the following exceptions:
a. SGA may give more than 50% of the funding if the event is deemed to be "educational" by the Executive Committee.
b. SGA may give more than 50% of the funding if the funds are used to sponsor a guest speaker on campus.
c. SGA may give more than 50% of the funding if the event is an SGA event in which another organization is asked by the SGA to join the event in an official role.
B. All activities supported in whole or in part by SGA funds must be open to all MUSC students. If a fee is demanded for participation in an SGA-funded activity, then that fee must be equal for all ruse students regardless of their organization membership.
C. All activities, unless otherwise provided for, supported in whole or in part by SGA funds must be advertised to the MUSC student body.
D. No SGA funds may be used to make donations on behalf ofthe organization or its members.
E. No SGA funds shall be used to purchase individual memberships or dues in regional or national organizations.

4. Measures
A. The SGA Treasurer may deny funds request for failure to conform to this Code or any applicable University procedures, subject to review by the Executive Committee.
a). The SGA Treasurer must notify the president or treasurer of an organization within two (2) days of denying a requested expenditure.
B. Subject to Executive Committee review, violations ofthis Code or any other procedures, may be penalized by the Committee as follows:
a. denial of an expenditure request(s) at issue; or
b. return of all or part of SGA funds given to an organization; or
c. any other action the SGA executive committee deems reasonable

Sheldon Bates
Student Government President

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