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Resolution No. 09-01
2008-2009 MUSC SGA
Committee: Academic Affairs

Date Submitted:  2/18/2009
Date Approved:  2/18/2009
Author: Tyler Pierce

A Constitutional Amendment

Biannual review and revision of the MUSC SGA bylaws

Purpose: To review and amend the current bylaws to allow for a current and updated document.

Whereas: Currently the bylaws have not been reviewed in two years and may lack certain specifics or posses certain errors.

Be it enacted by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in session the following:
That the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association bylaws be altered to read as follows.

The relevant articles and sections of the MUSC SGA bylaws currently reads:
Article I. Name and Purpose

Section 1
This organization shall be known as the Student Government Association of the Medical University of South Carolina.

Section 2
The purposes of the Student Government are the following:
• To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the six colleges and all students attending the Medical University of South Carolina.
• To serve as a liaison between MUSC Students and the University administration in order to represent student opinion, needs and interests to the administration; and to disseminate and promote the exchange of information from the administration to students.
• To take action to increase the quality of student services and academic programs in order to further enhance the education of MUSC students.
• To plan and execute a variety of social, cultural and recreational events to promote fellowship, personal growth, and enjoyment of MUSC students and the University community.
• To maintain a budget, within the allocated funds, to most effectively serve the MUSC student body.

Article II. Membership

Section 1
Each college in the Medical University of South Carolina is entitled to the following number of representatives based on population and need for adequate communication:
Total Number of Representatives
  CHP 14
  Dental 4
  Graduate Studies 5
  Medicine 10
  Nursing 7
  Pharmacy 5
  Multicultural Student Advisory Board 1
  International Student Association 1

Section 2
By a 2/3 majority vote of the SGA, a university-wide student organization may have one representative on the SGA. Whenever a re-calculation of representatives is performed, university-wide committees who have already been recognized will continue to be recognized. Currently recognized university-wide student organizations: Multicultural Student Advisory Board, International Student Association

Section 3
The members of the SGA must be students in good standing at MUSC as determined by the individual colleges under their respective grading systems and the Honor Code.

Section 4
Each college is responsible for electing or appointing the appropriate number of representatives. The re-calculation of representatives for each college shall be carried out by February 28 each year by the Academic Affairs Committee.

Each representative is responsible for designating a reliable substitute. The substitute is invited to attend all SGA meetings but may vote only in the representative’s absence.

Representatives of the SGA may hold concurrent offices in College or University-wide organizations.

Section 5
Representatives from all but the incoming freshman class should be elected/appointed in the spring. Outgoing representatives will retain voting power and responsibilities through the end of the spring semester, except for Graduate Studies, which elects a new GSA in the summer.

Section 6
The Executive Committee (see Article V, Section 2c) of the SGA has the right to dismiss a SGA representative from his/her position if any of the following conditions occur: (1) the attendance policy (see Article II, Section 7) is violated, (2) the student withdraws or is dismissed from the University, (3) the student refuses to obey the rules of this Constitution, or (4) the Functions Policy is violated (see Article II, Section 8). The representative and the student government of the individual’s college will be notified of this action. At this time the college’s student government may elect/appoint a representative (meeting the general standards of a representative stated in Article II) to succeed the dismissed representative. The college may appoint a temporary-voting representative until a permanent successor is elected/appointed. SGA representatives who are dismissed from his/her position may not run for reelection the following academic year.

Section 7
All Student Government Representatives and Executive Officers shall be required to attend all regularly scheduled meetings. In the event that circumstances prevent the attendance of a member at a regularly scheduled session, then that member shall submit an excuse, written or oral, in advance to either the Secretary of the Student Government Association or the Student Programs Office. The Executive Council shall have the power to excuse, or not excuse, the absence. If a previously designated substitute attends the meeting then the absence will be allowable. A SGA representative will be reviewed by the Executive Committee for possible dismissal with the accrual of two unexcused absences in a semester. The representative under review shall have the right to appear before the Executive Committee to make a statement before a decision is rendered.  Each MUSC-SGA representative shall sign the Oath of Understanding and uphold the roles and responsibilities outlined in the MUSC-SGA Constitution.

Section 8 – Function Policy
Student Government members are required to work a predetermined number of SGA events. One of the required work events must include a clean-up detail. In addition, representatives will be required to participate in a predetermined number of SGA-sponsored service projects per semester. The requirements will be determined by the executive committee during the summer planning session according to the number of representatives and the number of events planned. Representatives will be required to work no more than five total events per semester. The executive committee reserves the right to make any event mandatory. These requirements will be written into an Oath of understanding and will be signed by each representative.

Section 9
No SGA representative may serve as a voting representative of more than one college or organization.

Article III. Officers
Section 1
The officers of the Student Government Association of the Medical University of South Carolina shall be the President, Academic Vice President, Program Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Sheldon Bates

Student Government President


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