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Resolution No. 09-09
2008-2009 MUSC SGA
Committee: Academic Affairs

Date Submitted:  02/18/09
Date Approved:  03/18/09
Committee: Tyler Pierce

A Bill

Revising the Appropriations Process

Purpose: To make student activity funds better available to student-sponsored organizations in a more efficient matter of time.

Whereas the current system requires a 60 day approval period that has proven to be too long for many organizations to plan in advance.  The spirit of the original legislation was to give SGA at least two meeting times to approve funding requests.  The 60 days has proven to be too cumbersome and debilitating for most organizations.

Be it enacted by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That article VI, section 2, now read “the SGA shall work to co-sponsor campus-wide programs with other student organizations.  An organization wishing to co-sponsor an event with the MUSC SGA must agree to the currently outlined ‘Appropriations Guidelines’’ found on the organization’s website.  They must also share the related expenses and event assistance 50/50.  The ‘Appropriations Guidelines’ are attached as Appendix B in this constitution.” And

That section 2, of the ‘Appropriations Guidelines’ now read “Requests for SGA funding of an event must be made with at least two regularly scheduled SGA meetings between the submission of the “SGA Funds Request Form” (Hereafter “Request Form”) and the event.”

Sheldon Bates
Student Government President


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