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Bill No. 10-01
2009-2010 MUSC SGA
Committee: Communications

Date Submitted:  10/14/2009
Date Approved:  10/14/2009
Author:  Meg Croom

A  Resolution

Student Communications

Purpose: To streamline information sent from Stuinfo and Stulife to the general student body via a new Student Broadcast email system.

Whereas: The current email systems Stulife/Stuinfo utilized by the administration per the MUSC SGA Constitution.

Whereas: The Communications Committee would like to reduce the number of daily emails sent to the student body.

Whereas: The University and Hospital Administration currently use an Employee Broadcast email system which allows for all pertinent information to be combined into one daily email, filtered by categories.

Whereas: The new Student Broadcast email system will store information on a webpage linked from the Student Communications website and allow students to access it via their net ID.

Whereas: Stulife and Stuinfo will cease to exist after the implementation of the new broadcast email system and all requests sent to StuLife and StuInfo will be transferred to the new Student Broadcast email system.

Whereas:  Emergency or Need-to-Know-Now information may still be sent through Stuinfo in an individual email at the discretion of the Office of Student Programs and/or the MUSC SGA President.

Whereas:  The Student Broadcast email system will send out reminder emails about important events on-campus by request only to the Office of Student Programs.

Be it Enacted By the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That: Information sent via email to the Medical University of South Carolina student body will now be disseminated through the Student Broadcast email system.

Sheldon Bates
Student Government President


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