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Bill No. 11-02
2010/2011 MUSC SGA
Committee:  Academic Affairs

Date Submitted:  02/02/2011
Date Approved: 02/02/11
Author:  Carol B. Brown

A Constitutional Amendment

Duties of the Treasurer

Purpose: To amend the Student Government Association Constitution to reflect the current duties of the treasurer.

Whereas: The SGA no longer has a checking account or checkbook.  The treasurer’s duties no longer include depositing/distributing funds to SGA accounts or balancing the SGA checkbook.

Be it enacted by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That the Student Government Association Constitution be altered to read as follows:

Article III - Section 10 reads:

The Treasurer:

Let Article III - Section 10 read:

The Treasurer:

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