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2013-2014 MUSC SGA College of Health Professions Representatives

Name: Igor Alvarez

College: CHP-PA

Undergrad College/degree: Nursing

Fun Fact: I used to work on a helicopter.

Name: Kristen Long

College:  CHP

Undergrad College/degree: Clemson University, Food Science

Fun Fact: My right eye is two different colors.

Name: Marty Covington

College: CHP-PA

Undergrad College/degree: Elan/Excercise Sports Science

Fun Fact: Circle of Life is my theme song.

Name: Katie Gonzalez

College: CHP-PA

Undergrad College/degree: Clemson University

Fun Fact: I am a twin.

Name: Andrea Vella-Camilleri

College: CHP

Undergrad College/degree: University of Maryland, Graphic Design and Nursing

Fun Fact: I've been rock climbing for 6+years.

Name: Jordan Price

College: CHP-PT

Undergrad College/degree: Virginia Tech; Human, Nutrition, Foods & Exercise

Fun Fact: I'm extremely claustrophobic.

Name: Jill Hubbuch

College: CHP-PT

Undergrad College/degree: University of SC, Exercise Physiology

Fun Fact: I grew up on a horse farm.

Name: Jessica Zamelia

College: CHP-OT

Undergrad College/degree: University of NC at Chapel Hill/Athletic Training

Fun Fact: No one gets my last name right on the first try.

Name: Alison Gilchrist

College: CHP

Undergrad College/degree: Michigan State University/Elementary Education

Fun Fact: I have lived in 4 different states.

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