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2011-12 Returning Student Parking Registration
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Brief History: In September 2004 the student body voted to replace the “stand in line” parking registration process with a “first come first serve online” system. In the spring of ‘05 this system failed due to an overwhelming number of hits on the designated site all at one time. Given the limitations of this system, the SGA had to identify a priority system that would not only limit access to the site but distribute parking in the most fair and manageable manner.

Priority System Explanation: Distribution of parking is based on “longevity” of a students tenure at MUSC and registration will occur over a three day period in which students will be assigned access to the site based on the number of semesters they have accrued to this point. Additionally, students who feel that their *academic requirements place them at an undue safety risk will be given the opportunity to submit a request to their respective college’s Associate Dean.

Registration Dates: You will be notified by email from the Office of Enrollment Management of your designated parking registration time period. Each registration day will be NetID protected. The registration will take place from 8 AM Monday, March 28th - 5 Pm Wednesday, March 30th. There will be live support daily during registration from 8 AM – 5 PM. All available parking spaces will be available to the first day registration group and then the spaces that are left after the first day will be rolled over to the next distribution day. Any unclaimed parking spaces after registration will be distributed through the Office of Parking Management after Monday, April 4, 2011. Note: Students who miss their designated parking registration period will need to wait until the next day to register for parking.

Parking Assignments Available:  Student parking lots may be viewed by clicking here.

You may also visit Parking Management's website for further information.

Reserved on-campus lots @ $90/semester (NOTE:  Prices are subject to change):

Summer 2011 (5/21/11 - 8/22/11): A Lot (new garage on corner of Bee & Courtney) - 550 assignments; N Lot - 46 assignments; O Lot - 9 assignments; P Lot - 64 assignments

Fall 2011 (8/23/11-12/31/11): A Lot - 550 assignments; N Lot - 46 assignments; O Lot - 9 assignments; P Lot - 64 assignments

Spring 2012 (1/1/12-5/20/12): A Lot - 550 assignments; N Lot - 46 assignments; O Lot - 9 assignments; P Lot - 64 assignments

Reserved off-campus lots @ $75/semester (NOTE:  Prices are subject to change):

Summer 2011 (5/20/10-8/18/10): AA Lot - 43 assignments; BB Lot - 130 assignments

Fall 2011 (8/19/10-12/31/10): AA Lot - 43 assignments; BB Lot - 130 assignments

Spring 2012 (1/1/12-5/21/12): AA Lot - 43 assignments; BB Lot - 130 assignments

The Registration Process: 

  1. During your designated registration period, go to Web Advisor and click the student login link in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a ParkIt link (under “Useful Links”) which will allow you to access the parking registration site.  NOTE:  This link will only be shown during your registration period.  Alternatively, you may find the parking registration link in the email that was sent to notify you of your time to register.  NOTE: If you need parking for the entire year you must register for the entire year at this time.
  2. Info that Parking Management has on record for your vehicle and your **local and email addresses will appear on the website as you begin the registration process. Accurate information here is a “must” to proceed, so if Parking Management does not have your vehicle/address information or it is outdated, contact Parking Management now to assure accuracy and to save time when registering. Parking Management can be reached at 792-3665 and is located on the second floor of Parking Garage II, corner of Bee and President Streets. Or, you can add/change this information by sending an email to **NOTE: This address will be the address to which your parking hang tags are mailed on or close to April 15, 2011 unless another address for this purpose is specified during parking registration. There will also be an option to pick up your hang tags in the Office of Parking Management.
  3. Following the selection and confirmation of parking assignments, payment MUST be made immediately by credit card or eCheck. If payment is not made at this time or if you cancel the transaction or if your credit card/eCheck information is not entered correctly, the spaces you have chosen will be released back into the selection pool. Spaces will not be held for payment. NOTE: Although MUSC has discontinued its acceptance of Visa Credit/Debit Cards for tuition payments, our third party payment processor (ECSI) for student parking accepts Visa Credit/Debit Cards.
  4. If you have any problems with the online parking registration process, you MUST report your problem during the registration session to 876-2277. Problems not reported to 876-2277 will not be considered.
More Information? Please email the SGA at

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