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Sample Letters of Intent

As students at MUSC we are afforded the opportunity to affect change and voice concerns within the University for our own betterment through the SGA. The SGA deserves an experienced leader to continue to raise and address students' concerns to the administration. As students we all have concerns regarding our education and I believe it is our duty to raise these issues so that they may be addressed. In my service as SGA President, the SGA has initiated a collaborative Student Academic Series, advocated ferociously for more student parking, diligently pursued a more diverse environment among students, and garnered a tremendous amount of respect from every group at MUSC. These items that have occurred under my leadership will provide the stepping stones for anything students want to accomplish. Also, I am continuing to try to eliminate smoking in highly visible and highly traveled thoroughfares on campus, which will happen this year under my leadership. Finally, I am working to strengthen relations with other state institutions that I established over the past two years to better influence the state ideology for higher education. Having said this, there is much more that needs to be done in these changing times. I plan to continue beneficial projects currently ongoing as well as address others. SGA, under my leadership, will continue to offer the many exciting non-academic functions as well. In closing, I ensure you that I am committed to be the leader for SGA into 2007 and beyond. I would appreciate your vote.

During the past two years, I have had the opportunity to serve my class as a representative to the SGA. As a member of the SGA, I have not only met, but exceeded my requirements while serving on both the Service and Programs committee. The past two years have been very rewarding; however, after having the opportunity to interact with the other colleges and programs, I feel it is necessary to run for an office in which I can voice the concerns of all students at MUSC. As a student at MUSC, you deserve an experienced leader who will continually raise and address the concerns of the students to the administration. As your Academic Vice President, I will work with Financial Services to reach an agreeable compromise regarding direct deposit of refund checks, as well as continuing the negotiations of student health insurance. As the chair to the Honor Council, I will continue to uphold the integrity of this university and ensure fair representation for all students. Also, I will continue to work with the Library to address more online journal subscriptions, as well as a means to accommodate students' long hours, safety, and reach an agreement regarding printing costs. Finally, I pledge to work with the SGA President and the administration to address the increasing tuition and to act as a liaison between the students of each college at MUSC and the administration, so every voice of each and every student is heard and acknowledged. Thank you for your support!

For the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving as an SGA representative for COP.  I have been an active member on SGA, attended 100% of all meetings and met or exceeded my obligations.  Having served on the Communications and Programs Committees, I have learned a lot about SGA and various programs at MUSC.  It is important for an executive officer to not only represent their own college, but all students at MUSC.  The student body is comprised of students from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.  MUSC should address this diversity with a breadth of programs that all students can enjoy.  My experience as Event Coordinator for the Winetasting and Alhambra will stand me in good stead as Programs VP.  Additionally, I have been able to build a strong relationship with the Student Programs Office.  By listening to students' comments and bringing new ideas to the table, I expect to enhance the variety of programs and enrichment value to those who attend.  During my pharmacy educational career, I have participated in numerous volunteer projects, served on various committees and chaired other tasks while maintaining excellent grades.  A positive attitude and commitment to people are characteristic of the type of leadership I convey.  In closing, I assure you that I am dedicated to this position and care about what students want.  I bring a large measure of enthusiasm, creativity and a strong work ethic to make next year's events memorable and enjoyable for all.

Hello students! I am running for Treasurer of the SGA. I am currently a sophomore in the College of Dental Medicine where I serve as Vice President of my class. This has been a very rewarding experience, but I am seeking to expand that experience to include MUSC as a whole. When I look at MUSC, I see an outstanding academic institution with a lot of room for improvement. I feel that our daily lives as students could be, and should be better. I believe it is vital for us to elect representatives who recognize this and actively work to improve upon every aspect of student life. That is my mission. As Treasurer of the SGA, it would be my main duty to manage fiscal affairs and chair the service committee. These responsibilities give me a great opportunity to make a difference at this school, and it is my goal to make a difference at MUSC. If elected as your treasurer, I would work whole heartedly and to the best of my ability to improve your life as a student. I am extremely excited and enthusiastic about running for this position, and I would greatly appreciate your vote on March 23rd and 24th. Thank you.

Hello again! Thank you for having given me the opportunity to serve as your MUSC SGA Secretary in the past. It has been an enriching experience to be involved in the decision making process with the task of representing your needs on a University-wide level. The MUSC SGA website ( has become a valuable tool for communication among SGA representatives and the student body as a whole, and I am looking forward to continue to maintain and improve it. I have enjoyed participating in SGA's mission to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among the six colleges and all students, and witnessing how our input makes a difference at MUSC. Thus, I am looking forward to working with the new Executive Board and SGA representatives to continue to help provide a more pleasant and constructive learning environment for our diverse student body. The experiences I have gained while being on the SGA Executive Board in the past will help me to serve you even better, and I am excited about the possibility of being able to represent your needs and serve you as SGA secretary for yet another year. Therefore, I would appreciate your support during this election. Thank you!

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