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 SGA -- Multicultural Student Advisory Board Reps
 Bill0601 -- Statement of Equal Opportunity
 Bill0602 -- SGA Academic VP 2006-2007
 Bill0603 -- More on Bill0602
 Bill0604 -- More on Bill0603
 Bill0605 -- More on Bill0604
 Bill0606 -- More on Bill0605
 Bill0607 -- More on Bill0606
 Bill0608 -- More on Bill0607
 Bill0609 -- More on Bill0608
 Bill0610 -- More on Bill0609
 Bill0611 -- Statement of Opposition to the MUSC Arrest Policy
 Bill0701 -- Returning Student Parking
 Bill0703 -- College Representation
 Bill0704 -- "Student Life" Email List-Serve
 Bill0705 -- Membership for the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health
 Bill0706 -- Membership for the Student Interprofessional Society
 Bill0707 -- Impeachment
 Bill0801 -- Revision of Article VI. Section I (b)
 Bill0802 -- Representative Roles and Responsibilities
 Bill0803 -- Campus Wide Organizations Appropriations
 Bill0804 -- Article II & Article VI Revisions
 Bill0805 -- Budget to be Approved Prior to the Retreat
 Bill0807 -- Revise Current Functions Policy for Reps
 Bill0807 -- MUSC Secretary Officer Duties
 Bill0809 -- Representatives Roles & Responsibilities
 Bill0901 -- Biannual Review SGA Bylaws
 Bill0902 -- Addition of Sanctions in Guilty Verdicts
 Bill0903 -- Defining Membership of the Honor Council
 Bill0904 -- Publication Requirements for Verdicts
 Bill0905 -- Violations to the University Honor Code
 Bill0906 -- Rights of the Accused
 Bill0907 -- Purpose of the University Honor Code
 Bill0908 -- Preamble of the University Honor Code
 Bill0909 -- Revising the Appropriations Process
 Bill0901 -- Student Communications
 Bill1001 -- More Student Communications
 SGA -- College of Dental Medicine Reps
 SGA -- College of Graduate Studies Reps
 SGA -- College of Health Professions Reps
 SGA -- College of Medicine Reps
 SGA -- College of Nursing Reps
 SGA -- College of Pharmacy Reps
 SGA -- Officer Position Descriptions
 SGA -- Executive Committees
 SGA -- Executive Officers
 SGA -- President's Welcome Letter
 SGA -- Officer Elections & Guidelines
 SGA -- Legislation
 SGA -- Meeting Dates
 SGA -- The Millennial Challenge
 SGA -- Returning Student Parking Registration
 SGA -- Requirement Update List for Reps
 SGA -- Sample Letters of Intent
 SGA -- Service Projects
 SGA -- Service Commitment Requirements
 SGA -- Table Tent Request & Policy
 SGA -- University-wide Committees- Coming Soon
Expand SGA Meeting Minutes -- 2006-2013

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