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Simulation Activities

Link to Chart of Sim Activities by Type

The MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center serves the MUSC enterprise with activities ranging from basic skills training to complex immersive scenarios. 88 distinct simulation activities account for the majority of the offerings.

  • 59% of simulations involve at least one immersive scenario.
  • 94% of immersive scenarios are programmed using the LLEAP software to promote standardization and ease of use.
Link to Chart of Sim Activities by Organization

Of the 88 recurring simulation activities, the College of Medicine graduate and undergraduate programs offer 47 (54%).

Link to Chart of Sim Activity Hours

The majority of room hours utilized in fiscal year 2017 were split evenly among the College of Nursing, the Medical University Hospital Authority and the College of Medicine Undergraduate curriculum. Together these three entities accounted for 86% of the FY17 total room hours.

Link to Chart of Sim Activity Encounters

Participant learners are also distributed across the MUSC Enterprise, with the undergraduate curricula for the Colleges of Medicine and Nursing accounting for 72% of the total encounters in FY17.


Examples of simulation-based activities offered by organization units at the MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center. 

For the full list of simulation activities, contact us at

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