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MUSC Strategic Plan 2010-2015


Provide an environment that promotes the application, development, and transfer of technology, fosters and rewards innovation, cultivates human capital, and responds to emerging priorities to advance health care, education, and research.

   “As a major medical research university, we have two important roles – to develop new technologies and innovations and to accelerate the transfer of these advances to biomedical applications.

    Our  spirit for providing an appropriate environment and fostering collaborations to support these efforts has never been higher.” 

 - Richard Swaja, PhD - Chair


Research universities are facing increased expectations to identify new revenue streams to deal with challenging fiscal and political environments. In a dynamic and uncertain economic environment, MUSC cannot depend solely on traditional revenue sources to fund biomedical advances.  If we are to pursue excellence in medical discoveries and their attendant patient outcomes, we must be positioned to seek, identify, and negotiate novel funding opportunities and partnerships.

MUSC has contributed significantly to advancing healthcare delivery and basic biomedical knowledge at local, national, and global levels.  To realize the university's potential and to ncrease its impact at all levels, technology and innovation are key elements that must be supported and developed.  The use of exisitng and emerging technologies must be maximized and optimized to ensure that state-of-the-art resources are available to support university programs.  The application of university discovery - innovation - provides the real benefits of university research and enables important biomedical advances.  Accelerating the transfer of  innovations facilitates improved healthcare and enhances the university's impact and visibility .  Development of an infrastructure and a culture that fosters, supports, and rewards technology application and innovation will enable the university to be a nationally-recognized leader in the biomedical arena.