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MUSC Strategic Plan 2010-2015


Create and sustain a culture, with both pathways and infrastructure, that will support University-wide entrepreneurialism.  Cultivate opportunities to explore new portals and partnerships, public and private, while promoting an ethical framework for pursuits.

   “When it comes to discoveries on this campus, the expertise, skill, and vision for ‘what could be’ is amazing.

    Everyone on the committee had a passion for this, and we therefore focused on how best to support and encourage these resources to benefit the communities we serve, the University, and the individuals involved.”

 -Gerard A. Silvestri, MD,  Chair


Entrepreneurship will bring nontraditional economic resources and visibility to MUSC, contribute to public welfare and economic development in South Carolina and beyond, and demonstrate the successful application of University research to health care needs. Entrepreneurial activity demands encouragement, incentive, recognition, and coordination to flourish and grow.  For our endeavors to be successful, a shift in culture at every level is needed.  A culture of ethical entrepreneurialism facilitates the development of high quality innovations and technological advances in the fields of health, education, and research, while maintaining fairness, teamwork, core values, and ethical principles.

To realize these goals, we look to intersections – across professions and disciplines, with other research centers, and with experienced entrepreneurs. Essential to building and maintaining these relationships at MUSC will be the creation of the Center for Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurialism.  

The Center will serve as a gateway for partner engagement as well as a resource for our entrepreneurial health and biomedical scientists.  Only through cultural change within the institution and renewed engagement with external partners will MUSC truly become an entrepreneurial university.


Stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurialism and incorporate a system of incentives.


  • Promote cultural change across the University (UMA, MUHA, MUSC).
  • Create policies and standards to encourage the ethical conduct of entrepreneurialism.
  • Strengthen incentives for entrepreneurialism by making it a criterion for recognition, promotion, and tenure.
  • Enhance revenue generation through a combination of improved efficiencies, new funding streams, and philanthropy.
  • Encourage collaborations across disciplines both within and outside the University to foster entrepreneurship.


Develop Center for Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurialism.


  • Provide and coordinate resources and infrastructure to promote entrepreneurial endeavors within the University.
  • Recruit an experienced leader to guide the center’s initiatives, including the upfront development of a business plan.
  • Provide educational and mentorship opportunities in entrepreneurialism.
  • Leverage the expertise of our peer institutions and partner with industry.