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MUSC Strategic Plan 2010-2015


To improve the health of people in South Carolina and globally through the development of collaborative global partnerships in education, clinical care, and research.

Our efforts will:

   • respect and value the cultural
     and social context of our

   • seek resource efficiencies
     through integration of effort.
   • achieve fiscal sustainability.
   • use evidence-based practices
     when available.
   • have clear, measurable, and
     focused outcomes.

   “What became glaringly evident to our committee was the immense amount of global activity that is already taking place at MUSC.

Our challenge was to most effectively coordinate, deliver and grow activities that are sustainable and contributing.” 

 - Lisa K. Saladin, PhD, Chair


An MUSC Center for Global Health will provide new opportunities to understand worldwide health challenges, to collaborate with global partners, to develop interventions, and to apply innovative and appropriate technologies. The Center should be able to stand independently through internal and external funding sources and serve as a resource to facilitate MUSC’s research, public health, clinical, and teaching functions. The Center will bring together the broad range of expertise from MUSC faculty, staff, and students to apply existing skills and knowledge in new directions and in international settings.

To truly embrace global health as a strategic priority at MUSC we need to create a supportive environment for all participants that includes a system of incentives and rewards for engaging on global activities.