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MUSC Strategic Plan 2010-2015


Dear Colleagues and Friends:

We concluded the past academic year with record levels of patients treated, grants funded, and private gifts received.   Clearly, we will enter the next phase of our growth with plenty of momentum, but we also recognize that there are strong headwinds ahead.  Among the challenges that we anticipate are the following:

•    State appropriations to higher education are not likely to recover for several years;

•    Governmental funding for research will be under pressure from increasing federal budget deficits;

•    Reimbursement rates for medical services, from both public and commercial payers, will be constrained;

•    Resource limitations will constrain the range of programs that can be offered;

•    Competition across educational and healthcare providers will be intense and will favor those that are efficient, innovative, and nimble.

With these assumptions in mind, we organized a Strategic Plan for the next five years around four overarching themes:  (1) Interprofessional/Interdisciplinary Collaboration; (2) Entrepreneurialism; (3) Technology/Innovation; and (4) Globalization.

Each of these four themes has application in the three core mission areas of education, research, and service. Four working groups were appointed to include faculty and staff from across campus. 

A special effort was made to include alumni of the Trustees Leadership Academy in order to benefit from the skills and knowledge that they gained through participation in this program.  The Faculty Senate and individual colleges also nominated members to serve on the working groups. Each group met at regular intervals throughout the spring semester of 2010.

The working groups’ draft reports were made available to the broader University community for input, reviewed by the President’s Council and the Deans, and finalized in summer of 2010.  In August 2010, the plan was reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

The implementation of the plan will take place through a combination of the efforts of individual colleges and operating units and coordination by campus-wide implementation teams.  Assessment and communication of progress will occur though each unit’s annual goals for MUSC Excellence.

I want to thank the scores of faculty and staff who have worked with energy and enthusiasm on this plan. They have created a roadmap for our future success, and together, we will achieve the full potential of this great University.

Raymond S. Greenberg, MD, PhD President
Raymond S. Greenberg, MD, PhD President