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Healthy Aging- Second Goal

To develop a comprehensive and coordinated system of health care delivery for older individuals.

First Objective:
To expand and coordinate the clinical programs in geriatrics at MUSC.

First related strategy - To hire a board certified geriatrician with an endowed chair in the Department of Medicine to take a leadership role in the development of clinical geriatrics at MUSC.

Second related strategy - To develop a division or section within the Department of Medicine devoted to clinical geriatrics in order to promote clinical care, teaching, and research.

Second Objective:
To build an infrastructure for geriatric health care at MUSC.

First related strategy - Establish a Geriatric Care Network, GCN, to provide an infrastructure for coordination of clinical geriatrics at MUSC, to improve access to health care for economically and geographically disadvantaged elderly populations, and to expedite the translation of new research to frontline clinical care.

Second related strategy - Identify and establish Centers of Excellence for clinical care of the elderly.

Third related strategy - Identify quality of life indicators for older populations.

The Geriatric Care Network (GCN) has been proposed as a coordinating unit for all clinical activities related to the care of the elderly at MUSC. This entity could be located in the College of Medicine or Center on Aging. The GCN can: Identify clinical providers at MUSC with an expertise in geriatric clinical services.

Coordinate information regarding available geriatric health care services and specialties at MUSC and serve as a referral base and clearing house for patients and outside groups.

Promote and coordinate access to health care for disadvantaged older population.

Provide recruitment tools for disadvantaged older individuals to clinical trials and research studies.

Identify areas of need in terms of health care for elderly, as well as participate with the Center on Aging in recruitment of faculty and funds in these areas.

Coordinate collaboration in clinical services for elderly between the different departments and colleges.

Distribute and promote evidence-based practice guidelines to GCN providers.

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