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Healthy Aging- Third Goal

To provide health promotion, education, and outreach in aging for faculty and students at MUSC, as well as for all health care and social services providers and residents of South Carolina.

First Objective:
To increase gerontology and geriatric content in curricula for students across colleges at MUSC.

First Related Strategy - Conduct an inventory of all current educational age-related programs for students.

Second Related Strategy - Develop a for-credit interdisciplinary course in aging that can be attended by health professionals from all colleges.

Third Related Strategy - Develop and pilot Student Interdisciplinary Team Teaching (ITT) for Geriatric Education (initiated in the fall 2002).

Fourth Related Strategy - Create a position for an educational coordinator to coordinate aging programs for all colleges at MUSC.

Second Objective:
Promote healthy aging through health promotion outreach programs for older South Carolinians.

First Related Strategy - Inventory MUSC outreach aging programs.

Second Related Strategy - Develop/maintain an expert speaker list on aging-related topics at the SC-GEC and the Center on Aging.

Third Objective:
Provide educational programs in gerontology and geriatrics for health and social providers statewide.

First Related Strategy - Update expert speaker list.

Second Related Strategy - Form collaborations with health and social services organizations and institutions across South Carolina, through the SC-SEC.

Third Related Strategy - Provide training in aging-related topics and initiate statewide program on Healthy Aging.

There are a number of barriers related to healthy habits in the population of South Carolina. These are related to education, cultural, language, and ethnic factors. In addition, there are limited resources available in this area, both at MUSC and state-wide. There are barriers related to priorities at MUSC; the care and research on elderly, as well as age-related disease, has not been considered a high priority area previously. By establishing outreach, education, and research programs on aging and age-related disease, we will be able to enhance and distribute knowledge regarding this important field to all health care providers and to the residents in our state. By collaborating with other state agencies, we will be able to establish a network of knowledgeable and interested parties at all levels in the state. An important consideration is that Healthy Aging is considerably dependent on development, childhood, and adult conduct. Therefore we will collaborate with the other work groups to distribute information regarding a healthy living to residents of our state.

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