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Advisor and Student Organization Liability

When you accepted the position of advisor to a student organization, you also accepted additional responsibilities. The type of liability or risk you might face will vary depending upon the type of organization you are advising and what activities are involved. If you have questions about specific situations, feel free to contact the Office of Student Programs.

When should I anticipate risks?
Risks might arise out of any decision or situation. Regardless of what organization or activity is involved, there always will be an opportunity for something out of the ordinary to happen. However, if decisions are made consistently and in good faith, and if reasonable precautions are taken, risks can be minimized.  Advisors and student organizations always take on enhanced risk and liability when sponsoring/hosting events where alcohol is being served.  See the link to "Alcohol at Events" in the menu provided or click here for more information.

Where can I find out about the university’s policies and procedures?
It is important to be aware of the University policies and regulations as they affect student organizations. The MUSC Student Handbook is the source for University rules and regulations. Please become familiar with the guidelines that apply. The Associate Provost for Education and Student Life, Deans' offices and the Office of Student Programs also can serve as resources for you if you have more specific questions.