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How To Get Involved
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Would you like to do something more than go to class and study?  MUSC has a rich variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for you to chose from.

First, consider becoming a member of one of many MUSC student organizations that have been formed for professional, service, spiritual, cultural, special interests and/or governmental purposes.  Complete information on these organizations, including their missions, programs and leadership/contacts, can be found in online MUSC Student Handbook and at the mid-September Student Activities Fair.

Next, consider volunteering your time in the Charleston community.  The student service, MUSC Gives Back, has a wealth of information on the one-time and longer term needs of community agencies.  This information is available in an online database, The Classifieds, found at

Other resources for finding out what there is to do both on-campus and in the community are through student broadcast email, Student News & Events, posters on campus bulletin boards and reports from your class’s MUSC SGA representatives.  A great place to really get connected with current and complete info is the Office of Student Programs, SW213 of the Harper Student Center or call 792-2693.

Get or stay physically active by taking advantage of your Wellness Center membership.  Each MUSC student is offered a free fitness assessment and discounted trainer fees.  Complete information on the many Wellness Center activities/classes can be picked up at the Membership Desk. 

MUSC’s 5 sport intramural program is a super option for physical activity and social interaction.  While teams are formed within most colleges, the Intramural Coordinators are also happy to involve “free agents”.

The Charleston community abounds with leisure and cultural opportunities.  Here you will find timely info for special events, festivals, concerts, night clubs/bands, restaurants, and Charleston attractions, e.g. galleries, museums, tours, plantations.

There is A LOT to choose from both on- and off-campus so start now to take full advantage of your MUSC education/experience, the city of Charleston and the beautiful lowcountry.