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Here are the top Education and Student Services links used by current students.

Enrollment Management
Admissions, Financial Aid, Records - all aspects of document processing from prospect to alumni

MUSC Wellness Center
campus health and wellness resource offering a broad range of programs and facilities

Student Programs
student activities, off-campus housing, multicultural and international affairs, service learning and more

Student News and Events
student events and important dates and deadlines

information about the graduation ceremony, announcements, and regalia

Center for Academic Excellence
tutoring, board examination preparation, study techniques
Art Services
research posters, illustrations, graphic design
Bulletin of the Medical University of SC
online catalog of the university

online course resource

Web Advisor
online Student Records resource

more more...

student calendars

Darlene L. Shaw, PhD
Associate Provost for
Education and Student Life

Student Life A-Z
Tobacco-free Campus
Response to Active Shooter

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