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Why am I being asked to participate in this project?
We are asking parents of all children who were born in 2004 and who currently live in Charleston, Dorchester, or Berkeley counties to participate in this study.  In order for this project to be successful, we need as many parents as possible to volunteer to participate.
My child has been diagnosed with a disability. Should I still participate?
Absolutely! Our goal is to obtain the most accurate information about the development of all children, including those with disabilities. It is very important that families of children with disabilities participate in this study. Please call us at (843)876-2875 if you have questions.
I do not have any concerns about my child’s development. Should I still participate?
Yes! In order for us to understand developmental disabilities, we also need to understand typical development.  Please call us at (843)876-2875 if you have questions.
What will happen once I fill out this questionnaire?
First, you will be entered into a drawing to receive prizes including iPads, iPods, and gift cards. Drawings will be held approximately every 4 months throughout the study. Second, we will send you a letter or call you regarding your child’s results. Some children will be invited to participate in a second phase of this project. Completing the questionnaire does not obligate you to participate in the second phase of the study. Compensation will be available for this second phase.
Who will see the information being collected in this study?
Protecting the confidentiality of children and families is central to the design of this study. All data collected for SUCCESS will be kept on a secured computer system designed specifically for research, no information about your child will be shared with your child’s school or any other state agency. An exception to confidentiality involves information revealed concerning suicide, homicide, or child abuse which must be reported as required by law, or if the researchers are required to provide information by a judge.
How are you contacting families who participate in homeschooling and unschoolers?
We will be contacting homeschool and unschooler families through the homeschool associations beginning in the Spring of 2014. If you are a homeschool or unschool family and would like more information sooner you can click the Homeschool link and process a request for participation. Every child counts and your participation is greatly appreciated!
How do I participate?
You may complete the paper questionnaire that you received through your child’s school and return it to us by mail to:
Or you may click on the link [parent survey] to complete an online version.

I want to help but I haven't received a survey
If your child was born in 2004 and you lived in Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester counties in 2012, you are eligible to complete the survey.  Surveys are distributed through your child's school.  If you did not receive a survey, you may request a paper survey or online survey access code by visiting our Did We Miss You page. If you Homeschool your child please visit our Homeschool page. Every child counts and your participation is greatly appreciated!

I forgot to fill out the survey that came home with my child or I lost my password to complete the survey:
Don't worry, it is not too late.  To request a paper survey or online access code just visit our Did We Miss You page. Every child counts and your participation is greatly appreciated!

What should I do if I don’t want to participate?
No family is obligated to participate. Your decision not to participate will not affect your educational or medical care.

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