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Look who is talking about SUCCESS!

Local News:

Post and Courier Grant to help MUSC gauge extent of autism

Excerpt from Post and Courier article by Diane Knich
All parents of children born in 2004 who attend public schools in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties, and some private school parents, will be asked to complete questionnaires over the next two years on their child's social development, Carpenter said.
The three-year study - called the South Carolina Children's Educational Surveillance Study, or SUCCESS - will conduct broad screening and targeted diagnostic assessment to better understand typical development in 8-year-old children as well as estimate the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders among children in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties. The large-scale study of about 8,500 children is the first of its kind, Carpenter said.

Medical University of South Carolina MUSC launches first-of-its-kind autism study with local children

Excerpt from MUSC article
Carpenter said the more families who participate, the better the study will be.
"Parents need to know 'Your child counts.' This is like a census count of 8-year-old children. With your willing participation, our community here in SC has a chance to make a real impact in the lives of children throughout the nation."

National News

Autism Speaks Autism Speaks Funds Research on Impact of DSM-5 on Autism Diagnosis


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