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Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Section on Bioethics - Special Issues of Peer-Review Journals Sponsored and Edited by Institute

Special Issue: Transplantation, J So Carolina Med Assoc (June, 1991)

Special Issue: Castaneda Festschrift, Annals of Thoracic Surg (December, 1995)

Symposium Issue: The Foundations of Bioethics, Reason Papers (Fall, 1997)

Special Issue: Social and Ethical Issues in Gene Technology, J So Carolina Med Assoc  (September, 1998)

Symposium Issue: Power over Information, Power to Decide: Autonomy and Paternalism in Health Care, Health Care Analysis (Fall, 2001)

Symposium Issue: HIV/AIDS as an Epidemic: Ethical Issues at the 20th Anniversary, Health Care Analysis (Summer, 2002)

Symposium Issue: Alternative medicine: Here to stay, but on what terms? J Law, Medicine & Ethics (Fall, 2003)

Symposium Issue: When people attack people: Ethics, law, and policy of violence.  J Law, Medicine & Ethics (Spring, 2004)

Symposium Issue: Defining the beginning and the end of human life: Implications for ethics, policy, and law.  J Law, Medicine & Ethics (Winter, 2005)

Ethics in cardiothoracic surgery.  Thoracic Surgery Clinics (Winter, 2005)

Symposium Issue: Reflections on emerging technologies at the centennial of organ transplantation.  J Law, Medicine & Ethics (Spring, 2007)

Symposium Issue: Religions and Cultures of East and West: Perspectives on Bioethics.  J Law, Medicine & Ethics (Spring, 2008)

Symposium Issue: Dangerous Liaisons? Industry Relations with Health Professionals.  J Law, Medicine & Ethics (Fall, 2009)

Symposium Issue: Conundrums and Controversies in Mental Health and Illness.  J Law, Medicine & Ethics (Spring, 2010)

Symposium Issue: The Graying of America: Challenges and Controversies. Am J Med Sci  (Spring, 2010)

Symposium Issue: From Laboratory to Bedside: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Translational Research. J Law, Medicine & Ethics (Spring, 2011)


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