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Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Chadrick E. Denlinger, MD


Chadrick E. Denlinger, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery

Chadrick Denlinger is Assistant Professor of Surgery. He graduated with honors from the Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health in 2000 and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society.  He then completed training in general surgery at the University of Virginia in 2007 which included a two year research fellowship investigating cell signaling pathways in non-small cell lung cancer.  Following this training, Dr. Denlinger went to Washington University where he completed cardiothoracic surgery training in June 2009.  Dr. Denlinger was then recruited to join the thoracic surgical faculty at the Medical University of South Carolina and was attracted here by the strong leadership of the surgery department and the interest of the division to advance treatment options for thoracic diseases from both a clinical and basic science perspective.

Dr. Denlinger’s clinical interest is in treating lung cancer, benign and malignant esophageal diseases as well as lung transplantation.  He is interested in advancing minimally invasive surgical techniques, and utilizes this approach as the clinical situation allows. Approximately 70% of all anatomic lung cancer resections are performed using VATS techniques. The remaining resections are performed through a traditional thoracotomy due to the size and location of the tumor. In addition, minimally invasive techniques are also used when appropriate to perform esophageal resections. Every operation is performed primary by the surgery resident with Dr. Denlinger providing assistance.

Dr. Denlinger is interested in the molecular events occurring that allow lung and esophageal cancers to become invasive and metastasize to distant organ sites.  He believes that his collaborative research efforts with basic scientists and other physicians at MUSC are critical for improving the care of our current and future generations.  An important component basic science research involves the study of primary human cancers. For this reason, Dr. Denlinger has worked to help establish a collaborative tissue bank that involves MUSC, Washington University and the University of Virginia. This project includes banking lung cancer specimens along with associated blood, urine, sputum and saliva samples. In addition, extensive clinical data is recorded and associated with the tissue and biological specimens from each patient.

Dr. Denlinger is currently the Surgical Director of the Lung Transplant Program, and was recently appointed as the Scientific Director of the Hollings Cancer Center Tissue Biorepository.


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