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Division of Vascular Surgery

Overview of the Division of Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery involves the diagnosis and management of disorder of nearly the entire vascular system, excluding only the heart and the attached great vessels.  Not only does this include the arteries that carry blood away from the heart to every organ of the body, but also the veins that return that same blood back to the heart. Many of the most common problems have to do with blockage or restriction in blood flow, which can cause symptoms.  Depending on the part of the body involved, among those symptoms could be stroke, pain in legs with walking, gangrene , or even loss of a limb. Abnormalities of blood vessels that lead to weakening of the wall can lead to aneurysms, which in certain circumstances can lead to rupture and even death.

Vascular surgeons are dedicated to both the diagnosis and the management of such problems.  Few other specialties deal with such a full spectrum of disease management, including a familiarity with all alternative therapies as well as interventions, so that the treatment of the patient can be truly individualized.  As vascular surgeons we have an interest in continuing to help patients manage their vascular problems even after they are diagnosed, or even treated.

We also maintain the highest expertise in the non-invasive diagnosis of vascular diseases through vascular laboratory examination, including Doppler ultrasound and Duplex imaging, as well as more invasive imaging techniques. While we perform many of the more invasive diagnostic and therapeutic techniques ourselves, we also maintain a close collaborative  working relationship with our interventional radiology colleagues as well.

The Division of  Vascular Surgery is committed to education as well, having received numerous awards and nominations for clinical and  teaching excellence at all levels. Continuing and  long-standing efforts in both basic and clinical research have contributed to nationally recognized and improved care of patients with vascular diseases -- not only in South Carolina but throughout the world.

As Vascular Surgeons we maintain very high standards of training and competence, and are not only board certified in surgery, but have fulfilled the additional fellowship training requirements and examinations for board certification  in Vascular Surgery as well.  Members of the Division are also active members in the most important and prestigious vascular surgery societies. Three are Distinguished Fellows of the Society for Vascular Surgery. Other recognitions include “Best Doctors in America” and “America’s Top Surgeons”. The combined experience of the members of the Division of Vascular Surgery  assures a level of expertise in the management of vascular problems that is second to none.


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