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Division of Vascular Surgery

Knowledge Objectives 3rd and 4th year medical students

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Division of Vascular Surgery
Performance Objectives
3rd and 4th Year Medical Students
Postgraduate Year One

1.   Following your rotation you should be able to demonstrate competence in basic surgical techniques, including:

            a.   Knot tying
            b.   Wound closure

 2.    Document participation by scrubbing in at least one

            a. Aortic reconstruction
            b. Carotid endarterectomy and intraoperative duplex scan
            c.  Lower extremity bypass
            d. Major amputation .

 3.    Understand vascular laboratory testing by performing in the Vascular Laboratory

            a. 2 sets of doppler -derived Ankle Brachial Indices (ABI), toe-presssures, and wave forms
            b. Observe one carotid duplex scan
            c. Observe one deep venous duplex exam

 4.    Demonstrate proficiency in venous access procedures by at least one

            a. Central line placement
            b. Change of catheter over guidewire

 5.    Perform the preoperative assessment and postoperative care of patients undergoing major vascular surgical procedures by confirmed

            a. Auscultation of a carotid bruit
            b. Palpation of an abdominal aortic aneurysm
            c. Palpation of  a popliteal pulse
            d. Palpation of a lower extremity graft pulse
            e. Auscultation of a femoral bruit

Duties and Responsibilities

 1.    Attend daily AM and PM work rounds.

 2.    Write orders and complete daily assigned tasks.  Sign all verbal orders given.(PG-1 only)

 3.    Provide ward coverage for inpatients and write daily progress notes.

                        Co-sign student notes. (PG-1 only)

 4.    Work up patients on the Vascular Service (inpatients and same day admissions).

 5.    Provide direct patient evaluation, assessment, and communicate with more senior person for problems.  Participate in in-house call rotation as assigned and assure communication availability with superiors.

 6.    Attend outpatient clinic as assigned.

 7.    Attend following conferences:

            a.     Basic Science Lecture Monday 7:00 am
            b.     Grand Rounds Tuesday 7:00 am
            c.      Vascular Conference Wednesday 8:00AM
            d.     Mortality and Morbidity Conference Thursday 6:30AM
            e.     Journal Club (check with chief resident) (PG-1 Only)
            f.       Resident Lunch Conference Friday 12:00 PM (optional)

 8.    Interact with and instruct medical students (PG 1only).


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