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Division of Vascular Surgery

Knowledge Objectives 3rd and 4th year medical students

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Division of Vascular Surgery
Performance Objectives
Postgraduate Year Two

Be proficient in all the previous performance objectives for postgraduate year one.  In addition:

1.         Demonstrate skill in basic surgical techniques, including:

            a.         Knowledge of instrumentation
            b.         Incisions
            c.         Closure of incisions
            d.         Handling of graft material

 2.        Participate in surgery for venous disease, including:

            a.         Ligation and stripping of varicose veins
            b.         Management of venous stasis ulcers
            c.         Management of venous thrombosis

 3.        Participate in amputations with specific attention to control of toxicity.

 4.        Demonstrate the ability to perform arterial access or arterio-venous access, including:

            a.         Incisions
            b.         Closure of incision
            c.         Thrombectomy and revision

Duties and Responsibilities

 1.        Attend daily AM and PM rounds.

 2.        Assist postgraduate year one in completing ward work, orders, and work-ups.

 3.        Assume primary responsibility for managing ICU patients including orders and daily progress notes.

 4.        Attend outpatient clinics as assigned.

 5.        Complete initial evaluation of inpatient consults prior to presentation to chief resident or attending.

 6.        Organize and run vascular conference.

 7.        Interact with and instruct medical students when appropriate.

 8.        Assure ICU/PACU beds are available postop as appropriate.


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