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Information for Students Wishing to Match into a Surgical Residency Program

In order to give MUSC’s students interested in surgery the best possible chance of achieving their career goals, the Department of Surgery’s Undergraduate Medical Education Committee has developed this website to provide information to students intending to apply for the match in General Surgery or one of the integrated surgical residency match programs in Plastic Surgery, CT Surgery, and Vascular Surgery. This information may also be useful for faculty advisors advising students during the match process. Students are advised to use this information in making decisions about their match list preparation. However, a student's advisor remains the best source of advice and information. Students should meet regularly with their advisor throughout the match process.

The American College of Surgeons provides, on their website, information useful to students interested in applying to surgical residency programs.

  • The ACS Medical Student Site:  The American College of Surgeons home page for information for medical students interested in careers in surgery. This site links either directly or indirectly to the other sites listed below. A great place to start your search for information about surgical careers and how to become a surgeon.
  • ACS Online Guide to Choosing a Surgical Residency:  This guide provides excellent advice for medical students interested in a surgical career including links to suggested electives for the fourth year, a list of frequently asked questions about surgical careers and career planning, and other useful information.
  • So You Want to be a Surgeon?:  This is an excellent ACS document describing the process of entering a surgical career including information about the match
  • ACS Surgery Residency Search Page:  This is an outstanding resource provided by the American College of Surgeons which lists, by region, surgery training programs in all fields of surgery with descriptions of those programs. This should be among the first places students look when searching for training programs. Be aware that the information about the programs is supplied by the programs themselves and is, therefore, intended to shed as favorable a light on the program as possible. Nonetheless, much of the information is simply a factual description of the program that can be used to assess the program against the student's training goals and likelihood of matching.

The National Resident Matching Program website offers useful information about the match. Listed below are some specific links which may be of interest for those entering the match process for surgery (or any other field for that matter!)

  • National Resident Match Homepage:  Everything you need to know about the match can be found on this site.
  • 2012 Match Resuts report:  A report detailing the overall results of the match in 2012.
  • Match Results by State and Program A report detailing the results of the match for individual programs. Basically, this will tell you that almost all categorical surgical positions fill in the match at almost every program. But if you are curious, individual program information is available in this report.
  • Characteristics of Matched Applicants Probably the most important report from the NRMP for applicants applying to the match. This will give students some idea of their competitiveness for securing a surgical residency as well as a good idea of how many programs to apply to, the importance of board scores in securing a position etc. A must for any student planning to apply for a a surgical resdency position. Read this one carefully! This is a report from the 2011 match, the latest data available.

The following faculty members have expressed an interest in mentoring students through the match process. Please select one you with whom you are comfortable and take advantage of their expertise and advice.

For students interested in integrated surgical specialty residency training.

CT Surgery:

Plastic Surgery:

Vascular Surgery:

For students interested in General Surgery residency training.

We have also created a form for use when meeting with your advisor to help assess your competitiveness and to suggest some programs individual students should consider.


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