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Department of Surgery

Frederick E. Kredel, MD


Dr. Frederick E. Kredel was born in Pittsburgh in 1903. He received his Medical Degree from The Johns Hopkins University and went on to the University of Chicago where he served as an intern, Assistant Resident, Chief Resident and Fellow in surgery from 1929 until 1936. He came to the Medical College of South Carolina in 1937 as one of the first full time professors. After 7 years as a beloved professor, he was appointed Chairman of the Department of Surgery, serving in that capacity until 1960. After his first year in Charleston, Dr. Kredel worked to organize a blood bank at Roper Hospital and within a year the blood bank was established and functional. 

Dr. Kredel’s expertise was not focused in one area of surgery but across many. During the 1940s and 1950s, he was frequently called to see stroke victims due to his work in stellate ganglion blocks to improve the cerebral circulation on either side of the occlusion. He worked with the South Carolina Chapter of the American Cancer Society, the SC State Board of Health and the Medical College to organize a cancer refresher course for public health officials at the Medical College of South Carolina in 1949. This course was the first of its kind and the attendance was favorable.

Dr. Kredel served as President of the Charleston County Medical Society, The South Carolina Surgical Society and the South Carolina Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. He was a chapter member of the Society of University Surgeons and served as a Governor of the American College of Surgeons. He also held membership in the American Surgical Association, the Southern Surgical Association, and the International Society of Surgeons. He received a Distinguished Service Award from the University of Chicago in 1952. In 1953, he was awarded a medal by the American Cancer Society. 

Dr. Frederick Kredel married Constance Orme in 1940. The couple had three girls who attended High School of Charleston before going to college. The Kredel family lived a quiet life and did not socialize greatly or throw extravagant parties. Dr. Kredel did not have many hobbies but did love to read. He was always caught up in the medical world. Dr. Kredel passed away in 1961 following health complications after the repair of an aortic aneurysm. His wife passed away 22 years later and his children moved from Charleston.

In 1970, Dr. Curtis P. Artz, a successor of Dr. Kredel’s in the Department of Surgery at the Medical College established the Frederick E. Kredel Honorary Professorship. In 1999, Dr. Holmes B. Springs gave a generous gift to the Department of Surgery in support of resident education more fully enabling the program - now known as the Kredel-Springs Lectureship.


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