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Department of Surgery

CD Smith Retirement Tribute


On June 1, 2014, The Department of Surgery and Division of Pediatric Surgery recognized Charles Donovan Smith, III, MD for his 36 years of service to the Medical University of South Carolina.  Colleagues, patients, former residents, friends and family gathered at the Carolina Yacht Club to join together in celebration.  In tribute to CD, a video featured highlights of his life and career; his four children announced the dedication of an Oak Tree at the new Children's Hospital; and lastly, Dr. Andr√© Hebra announced the establishment of a Surgical Fellowship in Honor of Dr. Smith, The Charles Donovan Smith, III, MD Fellowship in Surgical Education.


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A poem written by Patti Randinelli, long time nurse with Dr. CD Smith:

I started working Dr. Smith in 1986,
And to this day believe there is no patient he cannot fix.

Back then he and Dr. Othersen were MUSC's Pediatric Surgery team,
And with limited manpower the service ran like a dream!

Prior to 1986 I knew Dr. Smith from my days in the NICU and PICU,
And I learned that there was nothing he could not do.

The perfect southern gentleman he'll always be,
He'd drop everything to help even on one knee.

Clinic days go back to the PDC,
And dictating patient visits took place when he was finally free.

And as busy as his days would be, If there was a call from Sally...
There was a big smile, And boy would he rally!!

I admire Dr. Smith for the time he spent sharing his knowledge,
This valuable time was with some students who were just out of college.

Dr. Smith spent many an afternoon holding cookie sessions,
Which was a great way to conduct his academic lessons!

His patients loved him for more reasons than one,
He treated each and every patient like a daughter or son!

A wonderful listener he was and continues to be,
No matter the number of patients he was scheduled to see! 

Dr. Smith has the patience of a saint....
I recall being in a patient's room with him years ago
and he was listening to each and every family members medical complaint! 
And he sat and listened to each and every one,
Knowing full well there was more than a days work to be done!

Bike, walk, swim or run,
Dr. Smith is always ready for fun! 

A competitive man is he for sure,  And even after a long day, 
grabs a bottle of water and his shoes to exercise and is out the door!  

I know how proud his family must be,
He has certainly made a lasting impression on me!

I'm happy that Dr. Smith will have more time on the green,
And there will also be time for cookies
AND keeping lean!! 

I cannot describe how fortunate I feel.... 
Working so closely with Dr. Smith has been the real deal!


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