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A letter from Dr. Ray Greenberg, Former President of MUSC:

“I regret that I cannot be with you today to join in the celebration of C. D. Smith’s distinguished career, but I am honored to be able to offer a few remarks from “deep in the heart of Texas.”  I will defer to the surgical experts who can better address C.D.’s abundant clinical skills and acumen.  Let’s just say that I cannot imagine a better pedigree than graduating from Duke Medical School and following that by training at Boston Children’s Hospital.   OK, maybe there is just a little self-serving bias there.  It is not really C.D.’s medical expertise that I want to praise today, but rather what an incredible human being he is – and neither Duke nor Boston Children’s can take credit for that.  

C.D. has a unique combination of personal attributes, among them being absolutely charmed by life in general, enjoying the treasures of good company and friendship, as well as the pure captivation of intellectual curiosity and the beauty of the world.  His love of learning has never diminished and he is always marveling at something new that he has heard or seen that he wants to share with you, and he does so with youthful enthusiasm.  His smile and his personal warmth are captivating, and even in a storm, he is the first person to spot the rainbow.

But enough about C.D. – let’s talk about Sally.  Actually, to talk about C.D. is to talk about Sally, and vice versa.  They are one and the same – the perfect pairing of kindred spirits – although Sally has much better hair than C.D.  I don’t really believe in preordination, but to look at Sally and C.D., you just have to believe that some unions indeed are made in heaven.  There is so much that could be said about Sally - her charm, her creative talent, and her wisdom. 

What may best define her, however, is her complete devotion to her family.  Only such a person could take one of the most challenging times in her family’s life – her mother’s progressive battle with Alzheimer’s disease, and turn it into a moving book, The Circle, that would help many others going through similar challenges. 

What does it say about her or me, however, that the other memory of Sally that I will take to my grave is that she named the family’s furry pet: 

Rabbit E. Lee?

Leah and I love Sally and C.D.  We feel enriched by their friendship and we look forward to coming back to creating more happy memories with them in the future.”



A personal perspective from Dr. David J. Cole, former Chairman, Department of Surgery and current President of MUSC:

I feel honored that in one of my last official roles as chairman of the Department of Surgery, I have the privilege to open tonight's celebration to pay tribute to CD.  CD has been a constant in the Division of Pediatric Surgery and the Department - someone who has embodied an unspoken devotion to his patients and colleagues through the years. His quiet dedication has been truly appreciated.

CD probably does not recall this, but he operated on our now 22 year old daughter Paige when we first arrived in Charleston - just to give you some follow up, it has not recurred yet...

When I took the reigns from Fred Crawford in 2003, one priority was to focus our efforts on continuing to build excellence in the surgical residency program - not only from a surgical skills perspective - but also in forming a vigorous and dedicated group of individuals who would feel tremendous respect for their training here and carry that pride with them for the rest of their lives.

No one has contributed more - personally, professionally and selflessly - to these efforts than CD Smith. Thank you CD.


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