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Department of Surgery

Research Division Happenings

Research Division Happenings

Recent Funding

Dr. John McGillicuddyDr. Samir FakhryDr. Kenneth Chavin
Sponsor: SCTR
Title: Telemedicine Infused
Adherence Enhancement for
Renal Transplant Patients
Amount: $49,946
Sponsor: SCTR
Title: Clinical Science Award
Amount: $369,375
Sponsor: Duke Endowment
Title: Virtual TeleConsult Clinic
Amount: $500,000
Sponsor: NIH/NIDDK
Title:  Protection of Steotic Livers
from Primary Nonfunction
Amount: $1,442,971

Dr. John IkonomidisDr. Chad DenlingerDr. David Cole
Sponsor: NIH/NIA
Title: Age-Dependent
Mechanisms for Thoracic Aortic   
Amount: $290,690
Sponsor: NIH/NHLBI
Title: Transmembrane
Proteolytic Induction and    
Thoracic Aneurysms
Amount: $368,750
Sponsor: University of Virginia
Title: Lung Cancer Biospecimen             
Resource Network
Amount: $1,001,302
Sponsor: NIH/NCI
Title: Targeting the CaSm
Oncogene as a Novel Therapy
for Pancreatic Cancer
Amount: $1,394,217
Additional Primary Investigators:
Drs. Shikhar Mehrotra, Mark Rubinstein,
Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, &
Christina Voelkel-Johnson
Sponsor: Loyola University/NIH-NCI
Title: TCR Gene Modified T Cells for
Adoptive Immunotherapy
Amount: $5,787,876
Dr. Ernest CampDr. Prabhakar BaligaDr. Andre Hebra
Sponsor: NIH/NCI
Title: Innovative Delivery Strategy
for CaSm Gene Therapy in
Pancreatic Cancer
Amount: $867,240 
Sponsor: NIH/NIDDK
Title: A Program to Increase
Living Donations in African Americans
Amount: $1,019,445
Sponsor: Northwestern University/NIH
Title: Proteogenomics for Organ
Transplantation: Prediction, Diagnosis,
Amount: $368,750
Sponsor: MUSC OIP/Purdue Pharma LP
Title: An Open Label Multicenter Study
of the Safety of Twice Daily Oxycodone
Hydrochloride Controlled Release Tablets
in Opioid Experienced in Children from Ages
6 to 16 years old.  Inclusive with Moderate to
Severe Malignant and/or Nonmalignant Pain
Requiring Opioid Analgesics
Amount: $119,316

                     Dr. Jeffrey Jones                   Dr. Robert Stroud                     Dr. Rupak Mukherjee
Sponsor: VAMC
Title: Maladaptive Remodeling in Aging
Amount: $8,110
Sponsor: VAMC
Title: Maladaptive Remodeling in Aging
Amount: $8,262
Sponsor: VAMC
Title: Proteolytic Enzyme Induction within the
Human Myocardial Interstitium
Amount: $29,296

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