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Department of Surgery

Yong Zhang, PhD

Yong Zhang, PhD, MS

 College of Life Science, Qingdao Agricultural Univeristy

Present Position          

Associate Professor, Qingdao Agricultural Univeristy


2001-2007        Ph.D. ,Institute of Biophysics, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

1996-1999        M.S., Institute of Biophysics, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

1990-1994        B.S., Biology Department, Shandong University

Academic Experiences:                                             

2007-present      Associate Professor, Qingdao Agricultural Univeristy (renamed from Laiyang Agricultural College)

2002-2007        Lecturer, College of Life Science, Laiyang Agricultural College

1999-2002        Lecturer, Food Science Department,

9/2000-12/2000    Visiting scholar, Food Research Program, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

1994-1999        Assistant, Food Science Department, LaiYang Agricultural College


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