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Department of Surgery

David Taber PharmD

David Taber, PharmD

Dr. David Taber is strongly committed to having a successful career focused in patient-oriented research; specifically with the goal of concentrating efforts to optimize medication outcomes within transplant recipients.  Dr. Taber’s previous academic performances demonstrate that he has the drive and passion to excel in clinical research.  He graduated cum laude and a member of the Dean’s list with a BS in Pharmacy from the State University of New York at Buffalo, one of the top pharmacy programs in the country. He was one of a handful of out-of-state applicants accepted into the post-baccalaureate PharmD program at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).  This program is known for its diverse training opportunities with innovative clinical pharmacy practice.  He graduated second in his class from MUSC, which aided in obtaining a post-doctorate pharmacy residency in transplant at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill.  Dr. Taber has a long-standing and deep seeded interest in conducting research.  It began following his post high school academics. During his undergraduate education, he worked for Dr. Bauer analyzing the pharmaceutical properties of liposomal nitric oxide synthase inhibitors; through his doctorate training, he worked with Dr. White analyzing the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of the respiratory fluoroquinolones.  Subsequently, Dr. Taber’s interest in conducting clinical research blossomed into a career passion through his clinical experiences with patient care.  The abovementioned experiences demonstrate that throughout the candidate’s undergraduate and graduate schooling, he sought out extracurricular programs to gain a fundamental understanding of how to conduct research.  Dr. Taber’s academic training enabled him to gain a solid foundation in clinical pharmacy practice and collaborate with colleagues in clinical research.  This training provided a rich and diverse flavor for clinical research. 

Dr. Taber has approximately 10 years of post-residency experience providing pharmaceutical care to transplant patients.  He has a strong record of collaborating in research endeavors surrounding the study of medication optimization in transplant recipients.  Specifically, over the past 7 years, he has collaborated with colleagues on publishing over 20 manuscripts and over 50 abstracts in transplant research endeavors.  

In 2012, Dr. Taber started the next phase of his career and accepted a full-time faculty appointment within the Department of Surgery.  This position provides the ideal environment to develop into an independent career researcher.  He has minor responsibilities teaching and providing direct patient care to transplant recipients, while the majority of his time is protected to develop and collaborate in clinical research endeavors for the Division of Transplant Surgery. 

Dr. Taber’s current research endeavors surround the study of optimizing medication utilization in transplantation and studying mechanisms to improve the peri-operative value of care in transplant surgery.  Specifically, he is studying the effects of gene variants on immunosuppression (pharmacogenomics) and how these differences in genes may explain racial disparities in transplantation.  He is also researching methods to improve hypertension and diabetes control after transplant.  Finally, Dr. Taber is keenly interested in medication safety and is researching methods to identify transplant recipients at high-risk of having a medication error with follow-up interventions aimed at minimizing these events.


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