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Training in Craniofacial and Oral Health Research

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 T-COHR | PhD in Bioengineering

PhD in Bioengineering

The Clemson/MUSC Joint Bioengineering Program – whereby Clemson bioengineering faculty and students conduct their research, training and other scholarly activities on the MUSC campus – was initiated in 2003. The partnership continues to mature and flourish with five Clemson Bioengineering faculty, one of whom is a T-COHR mentor (Dr Yao). Clemson bioengineering students take coursework from Clemson faculty on the MUSC campus, as well as via videoconferencing from Clemson University. The program is a credit to both universities as a model for collaborative efforts aimed at bridging disciplines and institutions. Clemson’s bioengineering graduate program defines its own degree requirements, which include a defined set of core courses, rules guiding the selection of a dissertation advisory committee, a defined written qualifying exam taken at the end of the second year of graduate study, submission and defense of a plan of research, which constitutes the oral qualifying exam, and submission and defense of a dissertation describing an original piece of research. Students who desire training in clinical dentistry can enroll in dental school courses, including Dental Morphology, Occlusion and Dental Materials.