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Student Profiles-Xiaoyi Tina Zhang
4th year student

Title of Project

The role of MKP-1 in tumor-associated inflammation.

Brief description of project

In numerous malignancies, MKP-1 expression is down-regulated compared to normal tissues. As a MAP kinase phosphatase, MKP-1 serves as a key negative regulator of innate immune responses. We propose MKP-1 modulates tumor-associated inflammation and are investigating its regulatory role in the oral cancer microenvironment.

Mentor and Department

Dr. Keith Kirkwood DDS, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina


X. Zhang, J.A. Stewart, Jr., I.D. Kane, E.P. Massey, D.O. Cashatt, and W.E. Carver. Effects of elevated glucose levels on interactions of cardiac fibroblasts with the extracellular matrix. In Vitro Cellular & Development Biology – Animal. 2007. 43(8-9):297-305.

T.H. Beckham, P. Lu, J.C. Cheng, D. Zhao, L.S. Turner, X. Zhang, K.E. Armeson, A. Liu, S.T. Marrison, Y.A. Hannun, and X. Liu. Acid ceramidase-mediated production of sphingosine 1-phosphate promotes prostate cancer invasion through upregulation of cathepsin B. Int J Cancer. 2012, doi: 10.1002/ijc.27480.

X. Zhang, C.Rossa, Jr., M. Liu, F. Li, N.J. D’Silva, and K.L. Kirkwood. Oral squamous carcinoma cells secrete RANKL directly supporting osteolytic bone loss. Oral Oncology. Submitted for review.

Honors and Awards

MUSC MSTP Lane Family Scholarship, 2008

University Medical Associates Medical Scientist Training Program Award, 2008

American Medical Association Seed Grant Recipient, 2012

MUSC 9th Annual Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Research Workshop, Oral presentation, 2nd place, 2011

MUSC Perry V. Halushka Student Research Day, Oral presentation, 2nd place, 2011

MUSC 10th Annual Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Research Workshop, Oral presentation, 1st place, 2012